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Mains’l supports people to reach their hopes and dreams and live with meaning and purpose. This philosophy applies to those who use our services, our employees, and all those with whom we interact.

Since 1989, we’ve been a leader in person-first solutions for people with varying abilities, as well as a partner with like-minded agencies through innovative financial management services and software.

We offer completely customized, person centered supports, supporting people to live a fulfilling life of their choosing. Crew members help connect people with support options that respond to their hopes and dreams.

Together, we are making an impact along the way, and, thanks to our crew and partners, we are truly seeing people live with meaning and purpose.
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Since 1989, we’ve been a leader in person-first solutions for people with varying abilities, as well as a partner with like-minded agencies through innovative financial management services, organizational development, person-centered practices, mental and behavioral health supports, and innovative software for financial management services and person centered planning.

We know that people flourish when their lives are filled with meaningful relationships and activities of their own choosing. That’s why we offer completely custom, person-centered services and serve as a navigator to people and agencies as chart their own course.
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Additional Culture Details

We believe in making the world a better place for all people.

At Mains'l, this is embodied through:
-    Collaboration, teamwork, and partnerships
-    Growth and fulfillment
-    Diversity, equity and inclusion
-    Living where and with whom they choose
-    Sailing their own boats with the people and services they choose
-    User friendly tools, information and resources
-    Engaged people with meaningful work
-    One world, one Mains’l

As one of our guiding principles, our culture is one of giving back – to the community, to likeminded organizations around the world, and where our employees and those we support, find valuable in their lives.

Mains'l has received Top Workplace recognition for five years. Together, we are making a difference in the world, and, thanks to our crew and partners, we are truly seeing people live with meaningful and purpose.
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We believe in honesty and truthfulness.
We uphold the highest ethical standards, acting with integrity in all we do.


Brooklyn Park, MN


1,029 US Employees


Home Healthcare Services

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What employees are saying

We make a positive difference in the world. I have freedom and flexibility to do my best work. The people! I trust them and feel genuinely valued.

Because I work with other amazing people who want to see positive change in people's lives. People genuinely care.

I feel heard. My opinions, ideas, and input are acknowledged. I'm able to contribute in many aspects and participation is always encouraged. There's always opportunities for learning and growth. Mains'l has a very welcoming atmosphere and they accept everyone as they are! I really enjoy the learning opportunities and refresher courses that are offered such as the Global leadership summit and the Zoom Leadership summit sessions. I've been lucky to work under and beside some amazing people during my time here at Mains'l. I've also had multiple opportunities for growth within the company and I've held four different positions. I love the fact that I can dedicate my time and energy into a company that continually presents opportunities for growth and change!

Everyone I work with is so thoughtful, kind, and inclusive. The values that Mains'l embodies is amazing and they truly stick by them and work towards their mission. Mains'l also encourages work/life balance which is so important to keep employees happy.

of the people and what are mission is

I get the oportunity to do something that helps others and makes the world a better place

I am given opportunities I have never had before. I am learning new ways to help my individuals live full lives

It helps me do my part in helping others reach their goals and dreams!

the people and the mission

I receive excellent support from Supervisors, co workers, and all that I am in touch with on a daily basis. I love the work I do ! with all the jobs I worked at in the past 42 years , Mains'l is the only place that practice and align themselves with their mission, vision and core values on a daily basis. I never knew or remembered the mission, vision and core values in former jobs as they did not talk about those except at orientation and that is it. Mains'l keeps their finger on the pulse and holds their mission, vision and core values at high standards.

I am able to make a difference in lives of others and advocate for some who feel they do not have a voice

Great pay, and quality leadership

I am able to work with a lot of people, make a difference, and help others to realize their potential. I have a lot of fun at work and really love the team I work with.

I am part of a team of individuals working together with others to live lives they want to live and fulfill their hopes and dreams.

God uses me in many ways here and in the lives of the people I support. I love my co workers and all of great fun, unique, and special things I get to experience being apart of this family. I am grateful for all of the opportunity for growth and leadership I have experienced.

I am able to support others around me, am engaged in a variety of areas, I love Mains'l

I love the mission and values of this company. I feel completely supported and like I matter.

I have learned a lot.

Every day I know that I make a difference

My team, supervisor and culture at Mains'l are second to none.

I make a difference and feel valued and supported. I fully believe in our purpose and values and it’s great to work in a job that gives so much to make life better for everyone, staff, people we support and those we interact with. The people are the best / fun, dedicated and caring.

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