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Lincoln Property Company

Our corporate culture of entrepreneurial spirit encourages every team member to take action and responsibility to help make a difference, regardless of title or experience. Our culture of collaboration respects the integrity of our work and the differences of our opinions. Together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Founded in 1965, Lincoln is a Dallas, Texas-based global real estate company with offices in more than 450 cities in the United States and ten cities throughout Europe. As a privately-held firm, Lincoln provides real estate investment, property management, development and leasing services worldwide.... Read more


To create a workforce environment that encourages teamwork and personal growth.... Read more


More than a company, Lincoln is a family. We stand by our work and each other—providing our clients with a level of service that we can all be proud of. That pride is evident in all departments, where our entrepreneurial spirit encourages every team member to take action and responsibility to help make a difference, regardless of title or experience. Our culture of collaboration respects the integrity of our work and the differences of our opinions. We know our success depends on each other. And together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Lincoln is agile, responsive, and forward-thinking. As we look to the future, we know our vantage point is set atop a strong, established real estate history—a foundation that has allowed us to overcome adversity and new challenges because of the expertise and resolve of our people. Earning the trust of clients, partners, and our employees is what Lincoln values most. As we continue to grow and expand, we are committed to building more than just market share. We’re building a legacy.... Read more


We’re a diverse, entrepreneurial team excited about what we do individually and know that collectively our individual skills and contributions come together in a meaningful way towards the overall success of the Company. We value integrity, excellence, accountability, and collaboration. We work as a team to make our customers and ourselves successful. We strive to maintain an open and supportive culture for everyone.... Read more


Dallas, TX


3,200 US Employees


Real Estate - Other

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What employees are saying

I feel I am appreciated and encouraged to take initiative to get things accomplished. I am also encouraged to contribute with new ideas that might better the company and the client. I love my job because each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn at being better at what I do.

I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the company. The tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals.

The team I am with is supportive. Everyone brings in a positive attitude to the work place.

My peers push me to grow

I am a people person & love the family atmosphere & culture.

I love the team work and the people I work wit on a daily basis we all are family

I have the freedom to work at my own pace, I'm rewarded and thanked for my hard efforts, I'm encouraged to take initiative and my productivity is highly valued, I am treated with respect for working as hard as I do.

I am pushed to be better. Our management team is very encouraging and wants the best for the company as well as the employees. If you have a question or concern they are very prompt about helping to get an answer. I love working for LPC!

Supervisors trust me to execute my responsibilities on time and provide support when needed/requested. Ample training is provided so I feel I have the tools to do my job, and I feel I am part of a team and included in decisions.

Big company with a small company attitude and culture

I greatly appreciate the tight knit work environment that surrounds me. I feel supported but not micro managed. I feel my input is heard and is meaningful to those listening which makes me feel that I play a role in my future as well as that of the company as a whole. Great family type environment, there is no place I would rather be.

I feel my hard work is rewarded and I love the people I work with

I have the opportunity to learn a lot during all the time I have been working at Lincoln Property Company. Professional Growth has been really important to me but the most important I really like the people I work with - that is the main reason why I love my job.

it has given me opportunities to grow personally and professionally. My ideas and concerns have always been heard and considered. I have been encouraged to have freedom in sharing these thoughts, ideas and concerns by those above me and I have encouraged those that work with me.

My managers encourage and help me with growth within the organization. I have flexibility between my work and personal time. My team has a great bond and family oriented.

I am given the trust I deserve to complete my necessary tasks. I enjoy what I do each day, and I feel challenged to learn new aspects of my role. I am also given feedback regularly, and encouraged to take on additional responsibilities. Finally, Lincoln respects my work/life balance.

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