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Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School

For the second consecutive year, US News and World Report has ranked Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School as one of the best High Schools in the nation, even though we are a K-12 school.

As we enter our 10th Aniversary, we are declaring it our "Legacy 10 Year."

Parents, educators, parents and universities "know about Lincoln" because we have earned the respect of our community through our successes.

Since our first graduating class (2013), Lincoln has achieved a 100% graduation and college enrollment rate.
In our past two years, 14 students have graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree, while over 83% of our high school students are enrolled in college courses, some starting in the ninth grade.

It is important to point out that Lincoln is a "Titile I" school, and that over 90% of our students are first generation high school graduates and college enrolles in their families.

At times like the these, Lincoln continues to make education fun and exciting!. Our students love us, and we love them, and we can prove it!

Evey year, "Love in action" is on full display on the last day of school. This is when Lincoln staff sets up a "soul train line," and all of our students, K-12, exit from the high school building as the staff dances and applauds them as they are dismissed. On this day, students express their love for their teachers and staff with tears streaming down their faces.

High school students work hard to keep their tears in check but, it's no use. They too, join all of the other cry babies, among them some staff members. About 100 parents arrive to obseve and video their children and the celebration.

Lincoln is a K-12 public Charter School located in the City of Allentown. If you want to see education thriving in motion, come visit Lincoln!

In our "Legacy 10 Year, we will host many different celebrations throughout the year. Visit us on our website or Facebook

As we like to say, the best is yet to come!!!
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