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Liberty Home Guard


From our very first day in business, Liberty Home Guard has maintained an unwavering commitment to supporting homeowners, home service professionals, and real estate agents across the United States. We succeed in this mission only because of the collaborative efforts of our exceptional team. A supportive, rewarding, fulfilling working environment is important to us, and our veteran and new employees agree: Liberty Home Guard is a great place to work. Our team finds a sense of purpose in our work, support and appreciation from colleagues and company leaders, and ample opportunities for professional and personal development.
Liberty Home Guard is a relative newcomer to the home warranty space. We started in 2019 and worked diligently to expand across the nation. To date, we serve customers nationwide. Our wide reach, however, does not keep us from supporting communities at the local level. We serve homeowners in small towns and big cities, and we support thousands of American communities and microeconomies by partnering with local realtors, contractors, and technicians.
Liberty Home Guard’s core offering is comprehensive home warranty coverage. Our plans cover major home appliances and systems, so when critical equipment breaks down after years of wear and tear, homeowners can ensure that it is affordably repaired or replaced. To put it another way: Liberty Home
Guard covers the expensive and inevitable pitfalls of homeownership that homeowner’s insurance.
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Additional Culture Details

Liberty Home Guard places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and supportive company culture. The leadership team works to foster a sense of camaraderie among employees through regular outings, team-building events, and catered lunches. Birthdays and holidays are celebrated with special recognition and gifts, and employee accomplishments and milestones are recognized and celebrated. The company also strives to create a dynamic and engaging work environment, assigning roles and responsibilities that are tailored to each employee's strengths and personalities. In addition to these efforts, Liberty Home Guard offers a range of resources to support its employees, including an in-house legal team that is available to assist with a variety of legal matters. Overall, Liberty Home Guard is dedicated to creating a culture that values its employees and encourages them to connect with one another, feel a sense of belonging, and thrive both personally and professionally.... Read more


We value our team's ability to leverage creativity and imagination in devising efficient solutions to problems big and small.


Brooklyn, NY


103 US Employees


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