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Les Olson Company

The Les Olson Company began with Lester G. Olson selling Commander Dictation Equipment in 1956. His customers quickly learned that Les provided state-of-the-art business equipment at the fairest prices possible, backed by superior customer service and support. Many companies that initially purchased from Les in the beginning have remained customers to this day relying on the expertise of Les Olson Company’s employees and the prompt response to their needs.
As technology evolves so does Les Olson Company’s products and services. The Company is the nation’s largest Sharp Copier dealer. Additionally, Les Olson Company is quickly becoming one of Utah’s largest I.T. Services Providers. In the last two years the company has grown by over 30 employees to keep up with the demand of their Managed I.T. customers. Their customers rely on them to manage their network endpoints (workstations, and mobile devices), recommend products that will help them be more productive, and strategize on technology that will help them find a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Business I.T. technologies are what Les Olson Company provides and supports.
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Our purpose is to help our wonderful, loyal employees provide for their families, whom we deeply love and care about. We understand that at the core of our employee's commitment to coming to work every day and working so hard, is their desire to provide for those they love. Our purpose and commitment is no different.... Read more


We have a vision of maintaining a happy, healthy, unified workplace where our employees feel safe and secure; a place where they truly want to come to work each day. We believe if we anchor ourselves in this mindset, we will retain the best employees in the world and together, we can genuinely enjoy our jobs and the work we do.... Read more


Our mission as an employer, is to create an environment of LEARNING, WORKING, and SERVING together. If we are constantly learning, we grow in our abilities and become capable of reaching our goals. If we work hard and constant, we will recognize the success of our labors. Most importantly, if we serve together in our communities, we will have unity and humility in our relationships.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We work together as a team. Each and every role is unique and necessary to our success.
We communicate freely and openly with each other.
We have respect for ourselves and others.
We are committed to our customers and partnerships.
We conduct ourselves with loyalty and integrity; we will always strive to do the right thing.
We are disciplined and reliable; we do what we say we will do.
We are committed to self-improvement; we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve.
We get involved and contribute to the objectives of our communities.
We believe in people and their dreams.
We work hard and have lots of fun together!
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