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Founded in Oregon in 2005 by President & CEO Travis Knight, LAIKA creates films that are born in imagination, shaped into stories, and crafted by passionate artists who give life to unforgettable characters.

LAIKA’s five films: CORALINE, PARANORMAN, THE BOXTROLLS, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, and MISSING LINK were all nominated for the Academy Award® for Outstanding Animated Feature. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS won the BAFTA® Award for Best Animated Film and received an additional Oscar® nomination for Visual Effects, and MISSING LINK garnered the Golden Globe® for Best Animated Film. The studio was awarded a Scientific and Technology Oscar® in 2016 for its innovation. LAIKA is currently in production on its sixth animated film, WILDWOOD, based on the book series by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis. The studio is developing THE NIGHT GARDENER, an animated film from an original idea by Bill Dubuque, as well as its first live-action feature film based on the novel SEVENTEEN by John Brownlow.
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At LAIKA, we relentlessly push the boundaries of filmmaking, combining unprecedented storytelling, practical effects, and next-gen computer graphics to create unique viewing experiences that surprise, thrill, and inspire.... Read more


LAIKA is for: the dreamers, the creators, and the ever-inventors
The storytellers and the story-lovers,
And those who want to walk a different path.
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LAIKA is committed to telling original, enduring stories and bringing these tales to the widest possible audience while being a leader in filmmaking. We innovate, and we combine the latest emerging technologies with timeless techniques to create state-of-the-art classics.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Inspired by the core themes of our first five films, our values inform how we create and collaborate every single day. Be Brave, See Beyond the Norm, Thrive Through Community, Respect the Quest, Share Your Story.... Read more


Be Brave
Every LAIKA film is more inventive and more ambitious than the last. That can only happen when our team is bold, curious, and willing to take big swings.


Hillsboro, OR


590 US Employees


Film Industry

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What employees are saying

I love creating/making things from magical worlds!

1). I am supported , challenged and encouraged to better my skills as an artist 2). The team around me are friendly, funny, caring and talented 3). It's an inspiring place to come to work every day!

I count my co-workers as among my best friends. It feels amazing to be a part of such incredible films that I will feel proud of being a part of for the rest of my life, it gives me a lot of pride.

I am constantly challenged with each film. I’m having fun while I work. The people I work with are a joy to be with. My supervisor is full of energy and positivity which rubs off onto others.

I'm doing what I love, so I am actually excited to come into work everyday.

Company Snapshots

Landscape Artists Jessica Holtman (left) and Abigail Austin install bushes onto a set before it moves to the stages. LAIKA is currently in production on its sixth animated feature, WILDWOOD.
The LAIKA crew takes a break from making animation magic for a friendly game of softball.
Junior CG Lighter Dallas Reynolds was among the more than 100 proud LAIKAns, friends, and family who marched in Portland’s 2023 Pride Parade.
LAIKAns peruse Landscape Artist Jessica Holtman’s creations at the studio’s 2022 Winter Craft Fair.