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Kuraray America, Inc. Overview

Kuraray America, Inc (KAI). is a global leader in specialty chemical, fiber, and resin production. With top-of-the-line research and production facilities located in the United States and a vast network of supply from around the world, Kuraray leads the industry in specialty dental, fiber, resin, and elastomer products.

We are the global production center for many of Kuraray's unique technologies and products, growing to $2.0 billion in sales by 2020.
Transform our company using "Lean Principles" while ensuring to: •Commit our efforts towards protecting people and the environment, in our operations, in our community and through our products •Provide unique solutions that our customers value •Develop a strong team with a global perspective
Additional Culture Details
It’s really the people that make Kuraray the kind of company it is. We hire people who are smart, curious, and determined and who take the initiative to go above and beyond since we run very lean. We invest and develop our employees to retain and grow our talent. Although Kuraray employees worldwide share common goals and visions, we hail from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages, reflecting the global audience that we serve.

Kuraray America, Inc. has grown to almost 800 employees in the U.S. since we established our first office in 1963. With that said, we still strive to maintain the open culture often associated with smaller companies. Our mission is to develop new fields of business using pioneering technology that improves the environment and enhances the quality of life throughout the world by achieving what no one else can. We accomplish this through our values of respecting all individuals, using close cooperation to attain shared goals, making safety the cornerstone of everything that we do, and supporting innovation and creativity.
•Safety, 24/7 •Preserve and improve our environment •Respect for individuals •Integrity:
Houston, TX
809 US Employees
Plastic & Chemicals


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