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Kreischer Miller is a leading independent accounting, tax, and advisory firm that serves the Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas. We have built our firm to respond to the unique needs of private companies, helping them smoothly transition through growth phases, business cycles, and ownership changes. The companies we work with quickly adapt and respond to changing market opportunities and challenges. That’s why our focus is on being responsive, decisive, and forward-thinking. We’re up to the challenge – always looking at the road ahead, not in the rear-view mirror. Our people are leaders in accounting and are passionate about helping companies achieve their goals.... Read more


Since 1975, Kreischer Miller has been providing accounting, tax, and advisory services to the Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas. Everything we do is centered on meeting the needs of our clients, our community, and our team members’ professional and personal growth. Our people are known for their relationship and leadership skills, their strong work ethic and teamwork, their client focus, and their excellent communication skills.

When it comes to our culture and our team, we work hard while having fun at the same time. And we reward our team members' hard work by making an investment in them. They believe in making a commitment to their careers…and we believe in making a commitment to them.
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Kreischer Miller is a different kind of public accounting firm. We understand that it’s not just about the numbers. Our goal is to be there when our clients need us—offering advice, guidance, and support as their businesses continues to evolve. We redefine the term “engagement” by taking the time to understand our clients' accounting and business needs and providing early insight into issues—so they can plan, think, and act ahead of their competition.

Our people are leaders in accounting and passionate about helping companies grow. Our centralized leadership means our clients have direct and immediate access to our top talent and can rely on fast and decisive responses to their questions.

While others claim their people are the difference, our people demonstrate their difference through each and every interaction with our clients.
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At Kreischer Miller, our mission is to serve our clients, our team members, and our community with passion, integrity, and dedication. For our clients, we provide extraordinary service, high-quality solutions, and proactive advice and guidance. For our team members, we foster a culture and an environment where everyone is able to work at peak performance, grow intellectually, and have an opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals. For our community, we recognize our responsibility to give back, both professionally and personally, and we maintain an atmosphere that encourages community awareness and volunteerism.

We honor our commitments by building solid, long-term relationships with our clients, alliances, team members, and the community; providing services that our clients view as an investment, rather than overhead; hiring talented professionals and empowering them with continual professional education and the latest technology and tools; and fostering an environment that encourages our team members to become active members of the communities in which they live and work.
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Additional Culture Details

We are the stewards of our culture. We create it and we are responsible for preserving it. Our stewardship is driven by the actions we choose.

We treat everyone with respect
•    By focusing on the situation, issue, or behavior and not the person
•    By maintaining the self esteem of others
•    By treating others the way we want to be treated
•    By recognizing that everybody’s opinion counts; differing viewpoints is one of our strengths.

We focus on building and maintaining constructive relationships
•    By assuming positive intent of others
•    By talking with each other, not about each other
•    By focusing on earning the trust of others
We behave ethically and with integrity
•    By doing the right thing (even when no one is watching)
•    By taking responsibility when we mess up
•    By apologizing

We lead by example
•    By seeking solutions to challenges we encounter
•    By looking for common goals and points of agreement rather than points of disagreement
•    By living by the firm’s rules and decisions
• By being accountable for our work, contributions, and behavior
•    By acting as a team; we succeed or fail together.

We think beyond the moment
•    By recognizing that every action or decision has consequences
•    By considering how our behavior impacts others
•    By avoiding actions that bring personal benefits at the expense of others
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To be fair in honoring our commitments and doing the right thing.


Horsham, PA


275 US Employees


Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

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