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Kowalski's Market

Our story began in 1983 when Jim and Mary Anne Kowalski opened their first Kowalski’s Markets on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue. They were inspired by their love and passion for delicious, quality foods as well as building a fun place to shop that their neighbors would be proud to call their own. Today Kowalski’s remains a place where you can shop at your own pace, mingle freely with staff and friends and discover something new each time you visit. The flow of our markets is designed to be easy and convenient. The environment is relaxed and well organized. It's the kind of place you'll feel comfortable running into for a quick gift or a forgotten item. At Kowalski’s we promise to provide the best of the best in local and ethically sourced products and to always do our best to make you feel like part of the family.... Read more


Kowalski's Company Identity Statement - Kowalski's Company is a civic business. All stakeholders are obligated to organize, educate, and set policy according to democratic principles and standards. We do this in partnership with other demonstrations of the Midwest Active Citizen Initiative to renew and sustain democracy and to create a world that is abundant and just.... Read more


Kowalski's Company Values
Civic mindedness, Local, Community, Family, Quality, Honesty, Transparency, Service, Health, Joy of Good Foods

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