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Kosmos Energy LLC Overview

Kosmos Energy is a Dallas-based full cycle exploration and production company that operates across the world. We are a globally-minded team that embraces creativity, promotes entrepreneurial thinking, and is committed to transparency. Kosmos Energy is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, traded under the ticker symbol KOS. The company has a market capitalization of approximately $2.6 billion.

We have two objectives that we pursue in tandem: (1) Find and develop sustainable oil and gas resources, and (2) Be a force for good in our host countries and create a positive legacy.
We bring to these below- and above-ground objectives the same commitment to excellence and a differentiated approach. In our technical work, we use contrarian thinking and the latest technology to find oil and gas in places where others have failed or chosen not to look. Similarly, in our above-ground work, we go beyond formulaic social projects to help host countries plan for future success in managing hydrocarbon resources for the long term. We invest in building the capacity and skills needed to support a vibrant petroleum sector capable of creating economic opportunity that is widely shared.
This approach is based on the values articulated in our Business Principles, as well as an unwavering commitment to corporate responsibility that doesn’t change with the price of oil, shifting political winds, or other trends. It’s simply the right thing to do – and, as a result, it’s good business practice. The more successful our host countries become, the more valuable our assets will be. Being a responsible operator and a good neighbor in one country opens new opportunities in another.
Dallas, TX
215 US Employees
Oil & Gas Exploration & Production


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