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KidsFirst Evaluation and Advocacy Center

We are a provider of both County and NYS funded special education services to preschool children as well as children ages birth to 3 years of age. We provide full developmental evaluations to determine if a child is developmentally delayed in any area (speech, cognitive, motor, social, adaptive functioning) and then follow up therapy to help child reach their potential prior to the start of Kindergarten.... Read more


Kids First has been providing educational support services to children and their families for the past 20 years. We have a "one stop shop" mentality when working with our families. That means providing them with the tools that they need to support their child's growth in all the developmental areas. Individual therapy is just one component of that plan. It requires consistent and reliable communication and feedback for families; answering the hard questions and finding the right resources if we do not offer them. It means being honest even when the conversations are uncomfortable. On paper we provide NYS and DOH mandated therapies in the areas of Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling and Special Education services. In practice we provide a caring and knowledgeable support network for families whose children are experiencing some level of developmental delay. We educate, counsel, laugh and sometimes cry with our families. We serve as a resource to any parent that has a question about their child's development and help them navigate the referral and evaluation process.... Read more


To provide the most comprehensive educational support to help your child reach his/her potential and to give parents the tools to continue this success into the future.... Read more


To be a consistent and reliable resource for parents of preschool children who may need some extra support in order to thrive.... Read more


Deer Park, NY


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