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KidsCare Home Health

KidsCare Home Health is a pediatric home health agency serving Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. We focus on nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy as well as provide case management for children ages zero through 21.

KidsCare Home Health has been providing quality pediatric home health care to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex since 2003, when speech therapist and company owner Cortney Baker started treating children in their homes.

Her belief that therapy is most effective when conducted one-on-one, in a familiar environment that includes family members and caregivers led to the creation of a company that has since grown to include close to one hundred speech, physical, occupational therapists, and nurses, and over 1,000 patients and branches across Texas, Colorado, and Idaho; however, that original commitment to providing quality health care to every child serviced has never changed.
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Dallas, TX


658 US Employees


Home Healthcare Services

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What employees are saying

I feel genuinely cared about and am lead and surrounded by others who are ethical and passionate in providing best patient care, which ultimately helps me to become the best version of myself as a clinician.

I know we are doing our best to serve our patients

I love OT and what it brings to the table for children with challenges in development and sensory issues.

I love the passion of KidsCare and what we do in the community and for our patients. I love that we have integrity and values that we never compromise. I feel very valued for my contribution to the team and company.

I get to work around incredible people that raise my expectations of "self".

I love helping children and families be more independent and confident in their daily lives. I love being able to work in families/children’s natural setting where they can better generalize critical life skills!

I love my job because I have the greatest support system in everything I do. My co-workers and management are always here for me if I ever need anything.

I am trusted to do my job and do it well. I trust my superiors and my co-managers to do their jobs well and we work together as a team with minimal drama. I am not micro-managed and am not pressured to micro-manage my team, either.

It is a great place to feel like you are making a change in an ethical way