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Kemna Auto Group

We offer new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac Vehicles along with Certified GM and Used cars of every make and model. Along with offering outstanding products, we provide outstanding service and repair of all mechanical, body and detailing needs of our guests. We consider ourselves a total transportation company offering free loaner vehicles, longer term rentals, free cars wash for our customers for life and great opportunities for our career employees.... Read more


Kemna Auto Center’s purpose or as we say its destiny, is to provide leadership, experience and balance to both our team members and our guests. We do this while fulfilling all aspects of customer needs for New and Used vehicles, as well as re-defining outstanding service today and for many years to come.... Read more


To become the Best place to work and achieve a top 10 finish in every best place to work program we participate. To succeed in providing the product to 100% of the people in our community who purchase a new GM product. To Service 100% of the people in our communities who drive GM Vehicles.... Read more


This is very important to us and we have it specifically defined, in every training room, office, on every toolbox for our techs. Mission Statement     At Kemna’s we will strive to be so superior in the automotive industry every current or potential customer, as well as current or potential employee would never consider going anywhere else.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Company Values or we call it Culture
We have it printed on our coffee cups in our waiting room and every employee has one. It is also part of our daily lives.
This issues with company culture and decision making sometimes clash with society. The needs of the individual vs the needs of others.
We have established a decision tree which helps us. All on this list are important, however when compromise is needed this is our Tree.
1. Moral, Legal, Ethical and Safe.
These are deal breakers, no matter who in the company from CEO to new employee, these 4 trump all.
2. Customer
We are here for the customer without them, we have no business, not employees, no future.
3. Team
The team or collective outweigh the needs of the individual. If the Team is hurt by one individual being benefited total team breakdown occurs.
4. Individual
If the above are not threatened, the Individual benefit can occur.
5. The Company
The company is also important, but not at the expense of the others. We sacrifice short term company gains for people benefits.
One exception, Emergencies, if there is a dire situation, family member injured, and so on, these take precedent.
... Read more


We are nice people inclusive of both internal and external customers. It is a soft word, however one every single person understands. It includes speech, mannerisms, behaviors and care.


Algona, IA


37 US Employees


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