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At KCL Engineering, we're on a mission to shape a world we all want to live in. We're redefining the game. Our values revolve around three pillars: client satisfaction, engineering excellence, and fostering a vibrant company culture.

What sets us apart? It's our blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative environment. This dynamic combo fuels our teams to tackle problems with ingenuity, delivering fresh and innovative solutions. We're not afraid to think outside of the box, and it shows. In fact, many groundbreaking engineering solutions bear our stamp, making KCL the go-to choice for those seeking a superior design and construction journey.
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KCL Engineering is a consulting firm driven by a bold entrepreneurial spirit. Our mission is to challenge conventions and deliver unparalleled engineering solutions to all our clients. We envision revolutionizing the customer experience in consulting by blending culture-first values, adaptable work style, and ingenious teamwork.... Read more


Our goal is to shape a future where clients not only receive exceptional engineering solutions but also experience unmatched service and satisfaction. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, we aim to lead the charge in raising the bar for what it means to deliver outstanding consulting services.... Read more


At KCL Engineering we have made it our mission to redefine consulting engineering. Clients can expect the benefits of superior project leadership and a company culture that promotes innovation and breakthrough thinking. Our people are intrinsically motivated to deliver what is best for our projects with a signature flexible and friendly work style that appreciates the value of personal relationships.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

KCL Engineering’s culture is built on flexible work arrangements, unlimited approved paid time off (PTO), incredible benefits, and an office environment that fosters fun and friendships. Neil Smeenk, the head of our Des Moines office, highlights, "There's a distinction between merely offering flexibility and actively embodying it. Our leaders take time during the week for family, personal pursuits, and kicking back at the office. We understand that the most meaningful way to support our employees is by exemplifying how flexibility plays a part in our day." This approach to work-life balance is just one of the many ways KCL Engineering stands out.

Another foundational element of our culture is giving back to the community. Employees place importance on actively engaging in company-organized volunteer opportunities, partnering with organizations like the American Heart Association of Iowa, Habitat for Humanity, Meals from the Heartland, and Hope for Justice.
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People-Centric Approach
Our founder and CEO, Kris Kunze, instilled a philosophy where people are the priority. We believe in creating an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and respected. This people-centric approach is reflected in our unwavering dedication to our team members' personal and professional wellbeing.


West Des Moines, IA


57 US Employees



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