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KCH Transportation

KCH Transportation offers professional tech-based domestic transport services that fulfill the requirements of virtually any type of freight.... Read more


We are invested in our employees’ successes. Everything we do is based on the well-being of people, and we prioritize investing in relationships over everything else.... Read more


We believe in a fearless approach to the facts, and an honest approach to solutions, aiming to build relationships through people, processes, and technology.... Read more


At KCH Transportation, our mission is to provide a Logistical Value Solution for our valued customers and partners and to have a company that is motivated to provide world-class service for our customers.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At KCH Transportation, we’re in the business of putting people first. Each employee is offered autonomy and trust to build their career from the ground up. The leadership teams have a clear growth path for every role, ensuring equal opportunity for personal and professional development.... Read more


Our people are the key to business success
When the quality efforts and stellar character of people are appreciated, the work takes care of itself.

Prioritizing work-life balance:
We believe that employees work to live, not live to work. A balanced and comprehensive PTO plan is offered to everyone at the company.

Finding ways to enjoy office life:
Music in every pod, weekly games and fun prizes keep the environment of each office fun and motivating.

Recognizing everyone’s contributions:
KCH recognizes and rewards hard work, making your efforts an essential part of the overall success of the company.

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