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Kazoo combines industry-leading Recognition & Rewards with innovative Performance Management and an enhanced Surveys feature to equip our customers with the only all-in-one solution for their employee experience needs. By bringing these three features into one easy-to-use platform, Kazoo empowers organizations to put their people front-and-center and provides all employees and leaders with what they need to succeed.

We built our platform, and our company, with a promise to give employees what they need to deeply engage in their work and with their colleagues, and to drive results for the company. Our focus is on building teams, cross-functional collaboration, and purposeful perks. We practice transparency, provide a culture of continuous feedback, and promote regular service to our community.
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We deliver on what matters to our industry, our customers, and each other. We put ego aside to make objective, data-driven decisions.


Austin, TX


107 US Employees


Vertical Industry Software Products & Services

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