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K2 Academy & K2 Campus Overview

K2 Academy of Kids Sports is an academic preschool with an emphasis on STEAM and fitness. We also offer before/after school care, recreational gymnastics, a competitive team program, and full-service parties. At K2, we teach our students to Have Fun, Be Kind, and Do Your Best through gymnastics and tumbling classes.

Instill the fun of physical activity within a learning, cooperative atmosphere.
Have fun. Be kind. Do your best.
Additional Culture Details
We believe that if we train our employees well, they will be engaged to provide outstanding service to our clients, who will then continue to enroll their children and recommend us to others, and our enrollment numbers will grow, which will increase our profits. But EVERYTHING comes from treating our employees well and teaching them how to do their jobs right. Any failures along the way come from either not hiring the right person for the job or not training them correctly.
Have Fun!: You can be serious and still have a good time. Make up your mind to be in a good mood when you come to K2 and bring excitement, energy, and creativity to the tasks at hand.
Be Kind!: Always act with kindness in your heart and mind. If your words or actions aren't constructive, helpful, and encouraging, keep them to yourself. Build each other up.
Do Your Best!: Strive to be exceptional in providing service to our customers, staff, families, and community. If there is a way to be better or more efficient, find a way to make it happen.
Cypress, TX
66 US Employees
Fitness-based child care


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