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JSX introduces an innovative form of air travel based on a one-of-a-kind model: fusing the best of commercial flying (meaning accessibility and
cost efficiency) with the best of private flying (meaning ease, time efficiency, and an elevated experience).

What results is a whole new category of flying that disrupts what the air travel experience can be for the masses, stripping out all of the
hassle and elevating the true joy that is flying.

JSX makes a hop-on jet experience accessible to not just the “rich and famous,” but also for everyday people at price points comparable to commercial aviation.
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By making flying effortless, we get people excited to fly again. We believe customers should arrive feeling happier than when they departed.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

Alleviate any and all worries
Key themes: safety/security, comfort, transparency/communication

Stay one step ahead
Key themes: time/hours saved, reduced friction, uncomplicated/
intuitive flow, simplified steps, communicate often and early

Acknowledge humanness
Key themes: respected; served, not processed; a bit of humor; staff
empowerment; more human/less institutional; personalization

Make the mundane surprising
Key themes: surprise and delight, intimate, unscripted moments,
human dialogue, space within a space, local flavor, uplifting,
delightfully efficient experiences

Nurture shared moments
Key themes: connection, egalitarian values, shared moments
and hopping to the next city, inclusion, spontaneity, multifunction
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Simple, Reliable, and Joyful
Focused on bringing the joy back to travel, everything we do is focused around the principles of simple, reliable, and joyful!


Dallas, TX


650 US Employees



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