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Jobot blends its proprietary AI technology, Jax™, and experienced recruiters, Jobot Pros, to create the first-of-its-kind job matching engine. This unique blend of technology and recruiting expertise puts recruiting top talent and building a positive work culture within reach. We launched in 2018 with just a few Jobot Pros and have grown the Jobot family to more than 757. Jobot comprises all-star players who give their best daily to help find jobseekers and companies the best fit to meet the demands of an ever-changing career landscape.

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Jobot aims to streamline the recruitment process by leveraging advanced technology and a team of experienced recruiters, Jobot Pros. Through innovative solutions, Jobot bridges the gap between employers and job seekers, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships. By understanding the unique requirements of both parties, Jobot strives to create efficient and effective matches, fostering success for businesses and career growth for individuals.... Read more


Jobot’s CEO leads the company with kindness and transparency, sharing the goals and wins of the company at every level. By having this sense of openness and visibility, the more than 757 employees of Jobot have a clear roadmap as to the direction of Jobot. A core value of Jobot is kindness; this trickles down to the company culture at every level and helps curate a positive work environment for all. Jobot hosts quarterly weekends acknowledging Jobot team members meeting their goals and excelling in their roles. Jobot provides a reward-driven climate where team members are recognized for their hard work, growth, and career success. Heidi, Jobot’s CEO, and Founder, consistently communicates with Jobot family members, shares the company’s vision, and offers tips and advice on navigating various challenges and opportunities in recruiting and staffing.... Read more


Kindness + Respect Matters

Jobot works with our clients as consultants to help them find folks who are a great addition to their team.

We believe that everyone deserves a Good Job. A Good Job has Good Benefits, a Good Career Trajectory, treats the person with respect, and is fulfilling.

With the Jobot Get a Job, Give a Job ™ program, we donate to help folks get a job every time we place someone in a new job.
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Additional Culture Details

Jobot fosters an environment rooted in love. Our company is a community of people who believe that kindness and respect matter. Each day Jobot team members help clients find the right people to make a great addition to our clients' companies. Enriching the lives of others by assisting in making job placements is just one of the many things that help create a special workplace. In addition, Jobot family members have the unique experience of coming to work and experiencing movie nights for their families and rides in Jobot's Jaxey Duffy boats for a lunch break with their team. Jobot provides access to employee assistance programs, unprecedented benefits, and a culture rooted in fun. From weekends at luxury resorts to monthly gifts from our CEO, it's hard not to come to the Jobot House (our headquarters), stare at the ocean (yes, we have an ocean view), and love the company, people and the job of putting others in new careers.... Read more


We believe that kindness is still completely relevant. We believe transparency and a strong team bring the best results for everyone.


Newport Beach, CA


757 US Employees



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