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Jefferson Center For Mental Health

For 66 years, Jefferson Center has served as the nonprofit, community mental health care and substance use treatment provider in Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin County. Every day, we offer hope and support to individuals and families struggling with life’s toughest challenges. Last year, we helped nearly 27,000 people with counseling, education, substance use treatment, wellness programs, and prevention services, creating personalized services to meet the needs of the people we serve. Community is at the core of everything we do. We respond when our community needs us, after a tragedy in a workplace or a school, after a flood or fire, or anywhere the people in our community need support for getting through a crisis.
Jefferson Center is part of the statewide mental health crisis system offering 24/7 walk-in crisis center, mobile crisis teams, and other resources for individuals and families experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis.
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Jefferson Center offers every person in our community access to expert mental healthcare services and integrated healthcare.... Read more


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To inspire hope, improve lives and strengthen our community by providing mental health and related solutions for individuals and families.... Read more


People First
Caring for those with whom we serve, work, and partner drives every single action and interaction. We strive to always act with integrity and intentionality that truly places people at the forefront of our organization and our decisions. We give people a voice, welcome their opinions and viewpoints, and encourage understanding and open-mindedness.


Littleton, CO


720 US Employees


Behavioral & Mental Health

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What employees are saying

Jefferson Center genuinely cares about the people who use our services and the staff who work hard to achieve great care and want the best experience for both. Jefferson Center is true to its values

I have never been respected and treated so kindly from a company before. I wake up exited and this does not even feel like work. I love helping others that is very rewarding for me. The flexibility is amazing and it so great for my work life balance. The company is so wonderful. I also adore the people I work with!

I work within an incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and hardworking team. They are the best!

My team is wonderful, I am passionate about the work I do, and I feel valued as an employee.

I am surrounded by individuals who care so deeply about their work. It is extremely fulfilling and inspires me every day

I really admire the CEO and the Executive Team.

I enjoy working with my team everyday and Jefferson Center gives me the work-life balance that I am looking for.

- My coworkers and managers have been incredibly supportive and responsive as I learn my new role - I have felt encouraged to pursue interests and further skills as a therapist

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