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INTERA Incorporated

INTERA delivers geoscience and engineering solutions for some of the most challenging environmental problems in the world. We rely on proven, technologically current, practical, and innovative strategies to help clients make informed business decisions, mitigate risk, and drive optimal outcomes. With sustainability in focus, we help companies and organizations understand their options. And we have earned their trust by applying sound science and years of experience to every problem.... Read more


Innovation and stewardship for a sustainable tomorrow... Read more


We apply insight, creative thinking, and scientific rationale to spur environmental innovation and stewardship... Read more


INTERA is a group of passionate scientists and engineers who use creativity and proven scientific applications to solve some of the most challenging environmental problems in the world.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Building and sustaining a strong company culture is at the heart of INTERA’s practice of good stewardship. Fostering an environment where people love the work that they do and the place that they work enables us to better protect, preserve, and enhance our company and our company’s assets. Our INTERA community strives on:
—    Honesty, trust, and respectful interactions among co-workers
—    A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity
—    Collaborative and collegial workplaces, whether they be virtual or physical
—    The absence of politics or inefficient bureaucracy
—    Open and caring communication at all levels
—    Small company culture and ownership, no matter what size we are
—    An open-door policy for management
—    High employee retention and satisfaction
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We are dedicated to sustaining and enhancing our human and natural resources. We thoughtfully approach our decisions and actions with a long-term mindset.


Austin, TX


210 US Employees



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