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Intellia Therapeutics

At Intellia, we are committed to solving the complex challenges of making CRISPR/Cas9-based medicines a reality for patients suffering from genetic diseases and to create novel engineered cell therapies for immuno-oncological and autoimmune diseases.... Read more


At Intellia, we are revolutionizing medicine by harnessing the power of genome editing to develop CRISPR/Cas9 one-time treatments. We bring new hope for people living with severe and life-threatening conditions, such as cancer, genetic disorders, viral infections, inflammatory disorders and many more.... Read more


Transforming lives of people with severe diseases by developing curative genome editing treatments... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Intellia values and promotes a culture that celebrates teamwork, exploration, innovation and dedication to the mission of bringing therapies to patients, while having fun at the same time.

More than a quarter of our employees actively participate as an Intellia Cultural Ambassador, fostering a grassroots approach with support and guidance from our leadership team. We regularly get together to learn, help the greater Boston community, celebrate our diversity and get to know one another.
... Read more


One is respect for individuals; our unique qualities and strengths; our own ways to understand, learn and improve. One is our single-minded determination to excel; to succeed together. One is you and us – trusting and counting on every single one of us.


Cambridge, MA


550 US Employees



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