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Intact Technology is a different kind of ServiceNow consultant. Our business model cuts failure out of the equation—unlocking sustained digital evolution. Intact is committed to making consulting simpler, more efficient, and risk-free for the best value on the market... Read more


We are humans who embrace challenge and growth, teammates who collaborate, achievers who put their best foot forward—always. It’s all in service of doing better work for our clients, and we happen to have a really good time while we’re at it.... Read more


Most consultants will say yes to your customization requests, even when today’s commercial SaaS offerings are robust enough to meet 100% of your needs without customization required. Worse yet, their T&M contracts mean they’re incentivized to say yes, even when they know that unnecessary customization will ultimately leave your organization “stuck,” with limited ability to leverage platform upgrades and new capabilities.... Read more


Intact is a different kind of consultant. We offer a firm-fixed price subscription model that realigns incentives toward the intelligent use of out-of-box platform capabilities. In doing so, we’ve contractually obligated ourselves to achieve efficient outcomes as well as continuous evolution for your organization. So we really mean it when we say our success is your success.

We once sat on your side of the fence, so we know that careers—and organizational missions—are on the line. We never sacrifice client success for Intact profit because it’s the right thing to do. Our business model is purpose-built to uplift this belief.
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Additional Culture Details

Unlocking human potential happens when people feel safe to bring their full selves to work. As an inclusive, values-driven collective, we’re in the business of transforming more than just digital platforms. We’re committed to creating equitable opportunities, being a catalyst for societal change, and making a lasting impact—on our clients, our community, and each other. Because it’s the right thing to do.

At Intact, DEI is more than a goal; it’s a key driver of innovation and central to our culture of belonging. We prioritize and continue to improve our processes, policies, and practices—all in the name of stronger culture and community. This allows us to best serve our people—who come from and represent over 56 countries—and our broader communities.
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Do what's right
Do the right thing always, never sacrifice our principles for profit.


Reston, VA


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