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Imperial Service Systems

IMPERIAL SERVICE SYSTEMS, INC. is a second generation family owned and operated Janitorial contractor now in its 48th year. Imperial also provides Post Construction Final Clean services throughout the Midwest.
Imperial’s corporate headquarters is located in Lombard, Illinois. They have Branch offices in Youngstown, Ohio (since 1982) and Kenosha, Wisconsin (since 2018).
Besides Expert Final Cleans, Imperial provides Commercial, Industrial and Institutional/Academic facilities with night and daytime cleaning/disinfecting, all floorwork and emergency services. Daytime Quality Assurance inspections and 24/7 “Live” (no voicemail) response are standard features. Imperial is proud of the many long term performance based relationships (some over 20+ years) it maintains.
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We are living at a time when sanitation, disinfecting along with cleanliness, is more important than ever. It is a Top Priority. As a prominent member of the industry that provides these services, we see ourselves as an essential piece of the puzzle. Therefore our Purpose is clear and defined. Our commitment is qualified, firm and without compromise.... Read more


To grow internally as an efficient organization to maintain a prominent and respected reputation in the market place, to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and never settle for "good enough".... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Imperial Service Systems prides itself on its true family atmosphere. This culture of people working together in a common cause has been described as Imperial’s “secret weapon”. Other companies talk it; Imperial lives it by their actions. Caring about each other, the customers and facilities we service and treating others the way you’d like to be treated are choices. When your Leaders set the example it’s easy for the rest of the team to get on board.
We like to say, if Imperial were a puzzle then all of us are the pieces. You need EVERY piece, from the largest to the smallest, to complete the task. When all the pieces are in place, when the dedicated effort has been made, you will have something to be proud of. After 48 years, we have a lot to be proud of.
If you were to visit Imperial’s HQ, you will immediately feel the comradery; you can hear the interaction of the “family members” (as they are called), see the smiles and sense the pride. While there is an ongoing effort to bring new energy in with new hires, Imperial’s longstanding employees are the foundation that keeps the core values locked in.
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Imperial Values
One can never go wrong if you abide by the Golden Rule; treat others as you would want to be treated.
So it begins in the HQ (and Branch offices). Owners and Management are on a first name basis with everyone and accessible. Beyond that they are genuinely concerned and compassionate. They will do what they can for a family member with a problem even outside of work. You don’t say you care, you show it.
Then you ask that that same respect be shown to the customers who become part of the extended family.
Cleaning, and especially disinfecting today, are very intimate interactions. We affect the Image of a company/school; how it is perceived by visitors.
We affect Attendance/Participation/Productivity by keeping it a safe environment. And lastly, we affect Morale. How do those who work in that facility feel they are respected. After electricity and Water, a facility better have sanitation. We are that important.
With that in mind, everyone must treat their task (their piece of the puzzle


Lombard, IL


101 US Employees


Cleaning / Maintenance

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