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Howard Energy Partners is a diversified, growth-oriented energy company focused on providing innovative midstream solutions for our customers.

We strongly believe that integrity and great teamwork are as important as the diversity of the assets we operate across the United States and Mexico. Our focus is on embracing change and growing together as people and leaders while working towards a common goal – to provide abundant, clean, low cost, reliable energy that powers communities and businesses and helps improve people’s quality of life. This is our purpose. This is our meaningful endeavor.
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We are much more than a midstream energy company. We are an integral part of an industry that helps power every other industry. We want to provide long-term value to our stakeholders and energy to our communities in the most responsible ways possible.

We take great pride in our diverse capabilities and our employees who prioritize safety and operational excellence. Our strong operational footprint positions us as a sought-after midstream partner and many of our facilities are unique in that they solve current energy needs while also providing innovative solutions to address the markets’ lower carbon energy mandates. We are also leading the way in reducing industry emissions and commercial waste that is instead used to create hundreds of household products and fuels.
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Build a diversified, sustainable midstream company through organic growth and acquisitions that delivers positive energy through meaningful endeavors.... Read more


To provide abundant, clean, low cost, reliable energy that powers communities and businesses and helps people flourish.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we recognize that our company’s growth and success are a direct results of our employees’ hard work and contributions. We take pride in our unique culture and strive to provide a dynamic, fulfilling, and fun work environment.

Our employees come to work with purpose and excitement about what the future holds. Through leadership training, community programs, and continuous career growth opportunities, we empower our teams to find their purpose, be imaginative, and embrace growth both personally and professionally.
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Stand Together
As a Family. As a Team.


San Antonio, TX


359 US Employees


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What employees are saying

I have learned so much from working with great people. there has never been a time where I have felt that I didnt matter to this operation. I am part of a team that really cares for each other and wants only the best for our company.

The team I am apart of in STX has made me look forward to coming to work daily. I feel like I have a purpose in this company. This company has given me every opportunity to keep on growing and developing in this industry.

I feel like I am part of a growing team that appreciates my input. We are all working toward the same common goal.

The managers/supervisors are open-minded and encouraging. My Co-workers all work hard and safe to get a job done.

I am empowered to do the right things

The people I work with. Some of the best people I have had an opportunity to work for and with in my career.

I believe that I am doing something meaningful besides working for a paycheck

I get to work hands-on with daily operations at HEP assets. The fast pace is exciting, and creates an environment that is interesting and engaging.

I’m given all the opportunities that I need to move forward in my field.

Family and work balance is perfect!

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