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FROM OUR LEGACY TO YOURS | Huseman Group represents a construction legacy dating back over a century. It sparked when our founder, Richard J. Huseman with all his tenacity and grit, started a construction company in the midst of the Great Depression. His values were simple: hard work, craftsmanship, putting the client first and doing it right. These values are still at the core of what we do today, which promotes a culture of highly-skilled people who are masters of their work and who take pride in creating and preserving functional and timeless structures. Across the built environment, from restoration to new builds, to artisan millwork, casework and ironwork, Huseman Group thrives where precision workmanship, complex environments and high expectations exist because we know those are the ingredients to manifest our clients' vision…starting today and for decades to come.... Read more


STEEPED IN TRADITION WITH OUR SIGHTS ON TOMORROW | Our company and our work are built on a foundation of respect and the belief that everyone here brings something uniquely valuable to the table. By uniting each of our experts and experiences, we are able to bring an unparalleled level of craftsmanship to the built environment. This sheds light on our mastery and allows us to leave our mark - for the better. We pair our reputation of hard work, tenacity and grit with our future visions of what is possible so that our solutions are responsible and daring at the same time. We go where others will not, and it is what drives us to do better and be better each day. We take pride in a job done right and we recommit ourselves to our jobs each day, knowing that our legacy is much bigger than each of us individually. It is our resilience and our persistence that guides us to achieve great things today and in the future.... Read more


Huseman Group will be the undisputed choice that elevates the industry by setting the expectation through precision and craftsmanship for generations to come.... Read more


Leverage our legacy in the built environment to help others create and maintain theirs.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

OUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN OUR WORDS | Huseman Group is comprised of individuals, as well as who we are collectively as a team. When put together, we create a powerful experience for our clients and colleagues that is unmatched. Doing so helps us to elevate what matters the most—our strong connection to our clients and to each other.

We are the sum total of our parts. Explore “The Builder’s Book” to see it for yourself.
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We Build With Purpose
Hit the Ground Running. Be prepared in advance and be efficient with the time of others.

Work Hard.Work harder than everyone around you. Be the best and take pride in what each member of your team contributes.

Own It. Be responsible for the success of your projects and make the tough decisions in the interests of our clients.

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