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Haynie & Company is a leading tax, audit, and business consulting firm. Haynie & Company began in 1960 as a small CPA Firm in Salt Lake City. We've grown to 14 locations across Utah, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. Every day our CPAs and business consultants exceed expectations by providing value, growing relationships, and building trust.... Read more


Haynie & Company is a unique, full-service regional CPA firm with offices across 5 states and 14 locations.
We specialize in: Audit, Tax, Accounting, Consulting and Management Advisory Services.
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Our firm vision is simple: Exceeding Expectations. We will do everything to fulfill our core values and deliver superior results.... Read more


Providing excellent service is our highest priority. Our focus will always be on building long-term relationships based on our core values of Trust, Growth, Family, Communication and Service.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We strive for a culture of service to employees and clients. Our team of experts focuses on building long‐term relationships based on mutual trust and communication.

In addition, we take pride in being competitive with the much larger CPA firms, while offering a better work-life balance. To name a few benefits, Haynie provides flexibility, unlimited PTO and Haynie Fridays. We believe in the importance of education, training and doing our part to help each individual grow and succeed.

We are committed to prioritizing our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts and creating a culture for our people to feel supported. DEI work is at the heart of what we aspire to be, and it is supported by Haynie’s principles.
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Providing excellent service is our highest priority.


Salt Lake City, UT


394 US Employees


Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

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What employees are saying

Haynie fosters strong, personal and deep relationships with their clients and this is in line with how I've always felt. I get to be involved with a variety of industries which is exciting in itself and a great opportunity to grow both personal and professionally.

The Company genuinely cares about its employees

I am not just an employee but part of a family.

I have the opportunity to work with great people, clients and professionals. My life is important to the company which allows me to govern myself and advance my career as I chose. The work is always changing and challenging which keeps me fresh and invigorating, never a dull moment.

I enjoy the work that I do and the people I get to work with and help to develop. I like being challenged and I feel challenged at work, but I am also encouraged to rest and enjoy by family life.

Those who are my superiors within the company truly care about me as a person and my family and they take the time to get to know me and what is happening in my life because they know the correlation between work and how that is affected by how things are going at home. I also love my job because the partners and managers encourage you to actually live the work life balance ideal. They encourage people to take time off when it is appropriate and to help people to be fresh when they come into work. The culture here at Haynie is one that is exciting and fresh and I feel like my voice is heard here when it comes to ideas and help. Haynie excels at making individuals feel accepted and wanted as part of the team and has an excellent review and interview program that helps individuals set and achieve goals that they want to pursue.

Haynie trusts me to do my job and supports me in any way I need.

I love my job because I am appreciated and valued for my hard work.

I get to do a variety of things and don't feel like there is a "ceiling" to my achievements.

I feel like I can be authentic self. Haynie allows me to contribute my unique gifts and talents to the whole. The Company also values me as a human being, not what I can produce. I also appreciate being trusted, having the flexibility to create my own work schedule and work environment that best suits the company and me.

I feel that I know how to move up in the organization and that the Company has a plan for me to learn and grow.

It has provided me flexibility to be all I want to be in my personal life and my work life and have not felt inferior for choices I have made. It gives me a sense of purpose and meaning and a contributor to society.

Employees are treated with respect, and the company is good at putting people in positions to maximize their strengths.

Haynie & Company places an emphasis on having a good work/life balance, but truly provides an environment to foster this.

It allows me to continue my education and work from home. They are super flexible and accommodate my needs.

of our great team at Haynie & Company. We are given the resources, flexibility and trust to service clients well. The firm encourages and values family and work/life balance.

I have the flexibility I need to balance a career with the rest of my life. I feel valued and trusted.

I feel valued and a part of a team that continually seeks other perspectives and wants to get better so that as a firm we can grow with a strong foundation and feel good that you helped contribute to that. This truly is an amazing firm to work for.

I am challenged to both learn and grow in my position. The time invested in my growth and development leads to better time management and efficiency on projects. I'm not stuck doing mundane tasks but more thought provoking or complex thinking or analytical processing of problem solving techniques. Partners are always available to assist and help so that is great as well.

Our department works hard at building each other up to reach our personal goals inside and outside the firm.

Company Snapshots

Corporate 2021 Top Workplaces Winner
Haynie & Company won the 2020 Best Companies to Work For
Denver Business Journal's Best Places to Work 2021
Proud Sponsor - UACPA Centennial Celebration