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Hawx Smart Pest Control is leveraging technology to disrupt the pest control industry forever.... Read more


At Hawx, we don’t just take care of pests. We take care of our customers, we take care of our company, and we take care of our coworkers. Because looking out for each other is in our DNA.... Read more


We strive for excellence by seeing opportunities where others don’t and by finding new and better ways to solve old problems. This means innovating wherever we can, and disrupting the home solutions industry not only with cutting-edge technology, but also with unmatched customer service.... Read more


Our company mission is to protect the people and places that our customers love. In doing so, we also aim to solve our customer’s problems with innovation and technology that make their homes feel like home.... Read more


Hawx team members are expected to make the right decision in any given situation. If there is a single principle that should guide decision-making at Hawx, it's honesty. We've all heard it a thousand times: “Honesty is the best policy.” Like many proverbs, this one gets repeated because it contains an unimpeachable truth. Nothing beats honesty. Honesty is not only morally good, it is also good for business. Honesty fosters trust and reliability between team members, which translates into greater collaboration, higher productivity, and a more rewarding workplace generally.


Ogden, UT


918 US Employees


Pest Control

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