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Hanson Dodge

Hanson Dodge is a fully integrated, strategically driven agency — a mashup of designers, developers, writers, inventors, strategists, dreamers and analysts. We unleash the full power of our collective mind to inspire audiences and transform business. Our specialties are brand engagement, campaign development, technology solutions and digital commerce.

At Hanson Dodge, we believe a creative mind is rarely sedentary. So we move. We crank, we laugh. We foster an active, creative atmosphere where we can work hard and play hard all under the same roof. To learn more about Hanson Dodge visit
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Hanson Dodge's purpose is to inspire consumers and deliver transformational business impact for leading brands on a global scale.... Read more


Our vision is to inspire fierce brand loyalty and deliver transformational business impact, in addition to providing employees the opportunity to do the best work of their lives.... Read more


Hanson Dodge's mission is to inspire and transform. We are an idea-first marketing agency that helps organizations transform their go-to-market strategies and create business value at the intersection of branding, advertising, technology and e-commerce.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Hanson Dodge, we are honored to have some of the most talented, creative, active, adventurous, curious, fun, uber-smart, cool (some), wacky (a few), weird (one) individuals the world could find. We encourage and drive each other to bring the very best everyday.

To ensure that every week starts with high energy and motivation we have our legendary Monday Morning Meetings that are attended by the entire agency. This is a time when people literally toss (and drop, once!) the mic around giving public shoutouts to colleagues for exceptional work, effort and attitude. It’s also a time to showcase recent client work, celebrate anniversaries and share organizational updates and changes. It’s an open forum for all levels of the organization to get together, push each other and to celebrate each other’s triumphs. Whether it’s working toward bettering the Handsome Dodgers softball, kickball or bowling team’s first-place (or last-place, depending on the sport) records or cheering on our teammates in the annual bag toss competition, we foster our best work by tackling every task, situation and event together.

In unison with the innovative mentality, our work space is far from the norm. Hanson Dodge's offices are rustic, yet homey, offering the perfect balance between scrappy and elegant (some might say, lumberjack-esque). Our meeting areas each bring a different theme to the office, ranging from traditional conference room styles to a more modern, open-aired collaborative environment. Known as “The Garage,” one of our largest meeting spaces is just that — a garage with a fully functional, see-through garage door meant to bring the best in collaborative, strategic thought. Our “War Room,” filled with elaborate strategic decks and endless examples of creative concepts, is the place to generate high-level ideas and conversations, and “The Nook,” well, it’s the place to get a little peace and quiet. From creative boards to gorilla masks and broken pinatas, not one desk or area of wall space is left untouched. Here at Hanson Dodge our office is our home, our place to bring big ideas to life. So, we’ve made it a place we can enjoy.
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Built on insights, ideas and craft. Doing transformative work that is both effective and beautiful is in our DNA.


Milwaukee, WI


44 US Employees


Marketing & Branding

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