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In today’s evolving industrial marketplace, you need a supplier that is positioned to provide not only the most advanced products and technical support but also one that is flexible and can provide a wide range of value-added services. Since 1972, Haggard & Stocking has prided itself on doing just that. We supply a wide range of perishable tooling, material handling products, related MRO products, Fasteners, and Safety & PPE products from top brands. Plus, our Best-In-Industry procurement solutions make us uniquely qualified to help drive down your total cost of doing business.... Read more


Our purpose is to help our customers to become more cost-effective in improving their productivity and profitability by bringing value-added products and services through our premium supply channels.... Read more


To provide our customers with premium products and services tailored to their unique needs with an unparalleled level of service and expertise.... Read more


We diligently work for the betterment of our customers, and it is our duty to create a more economic and efficient environment for them. Through this mentality, our customers will become more profitable, and we will become a vital aspect that is crucial for their success.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Diligence- The virtue of hard work is an integral factor in our Philosophy. In fact, Diligence is the foundation for the ideals that Haggard & Stocking are committed. Hard work is not just getting through the day, but it is when a person is fully-focused and engaged in their work.
Loyalty- Loyalty is the allegiance, which everyone in our organizations possesses, to hold our values in the highest regards. It is also the allegiance we have to our customers to create an economic and efficient environment for them.
Professionalism- Professionalism is our promise to present ourselves with the utmost respect to our customers and associates.
Competence- Competence is the promise that we will be effectively educated in all aspects of our business, and aware of the constant changes within the market.
Integrity- Integrity is the strength in which a person upholds their moral code. As an organization, we have the responsibility to display integrity in all that we do in our business ventures. Also, our employees should demonstrate integrity as individuals in not only business, but all aspects of their lives.
Pursuit of Perfection- John Wooden, a 10-time national championship college basketball coach, once wrote, “Perfection, as I understand it, is not attainable by mortal man. Striving for it, however, is very attainable. And I strove for it ceaselessly.” With a Wooden mentality, Haggard & Stocking is constantly striving for perfection, and through the use of our core values, we bring ourselves nearer to our goal each day.
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Our philosophy utilizes the foundation of Diligence and four symbolic pillars, which are: Loyalty, Professionalism, Competence, and Integrity. The foundation and pillars of our philosophy will lead to our constant pursuit of perfection in our day-to-day business.

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