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At Hager Sharp, we’ve dedicated more than 50 years to creating communications strategies and campaigns that make meaningful change in the world. We solely work with organizations that share the same passion for transforming the world one community at a time by taking on issues like improving public health and education while addressing disparities in equity, well-being, and socioeconomic status. Our focus is and always will be working with mission-driven institutions, businesses, and nonprofits to create and implement ideas that make a difference.... Read more


As Hager Sharp employee-owners, we have a clear vision for the difference we want to make and how we will accomplish it. We aim to be the cutting-edge social change agency for organizations working in the public interest, fueled by creative, diverse, collaborative, and driven people.... Read more


We strive to help people live healthier, smarter, safer lives through innovative and strategic marketing and communications. Our desire to improve the lives of people and their communities is reflected in the work we do and the clients we choose to work with.... Read more

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Every difference ever made began the same way – with an idea. “What if we …?” is commonly heard around here. Leaving the preconceived notions behind helps us generate ideas that do more than break through the clutter—they rise above. But big ideas come with a big responsibility to deliver. We believe that understanding an audience is a critical first step to having ideas that motivate, encourage, and inspire. It’s how all our client relationships begin and why our efforts have been so successful.... Read more


We are truthful, ethical, and work with integrity. We treat everyone with fairness and respect. We take responsibility for our actions and ideas.


Washington, DC


59 US Employees


PR & Communications

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I have learned more at Hager Sharp in one year that I've learned at other jobs in 3+ years. Hager Sharp prioritizes internal growth which pushes its staff to constantly want to grow within their roles and the company.

The company has a purpose and mission for greater good and I feel that on a daily basis from the interactions with leadership and team members to the projects I support. Leadership genuinely cares about everyone - their perspectives, work-life balance, career goals, etc.

I get to interact with my peers on all levels and feel heard even by the highest up employees.

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