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Greenlight Guru’s culture is a result of every team member’s contribution to creating a company that emanates our core values of fanatical support, true quality, and innovation. We’ve built rituals to foster that culture: weekly company-wide enlightenment sessions where we come together as peers (rather than coworkers) to strengthen team bonds and shared celebration of wins, both big a small for all departments. We also know how important it is to nurture our employees personally and professionally. We provide opportunities for growth in mindset, developing both professional and interpersonal skills, and engaging in ways to impact our communities.... Read more


The seeds for Greenlight Guru were planted back in 2006 by a medical device engineer turned consultant as a result of a simple observation: paper-based quality management systems are painful, risky & wildly inefficient. Commercial quality management software solutions have been available for a number of years now, yet many of the medical device companies that should be using them are not. But why?

This observation and question led Jon Speer to team up with David DeRam to create the vision for beautifully simple quality management software and develop Greenlight Guru's platform to see it to light. With our powerful, easy to use eQMS solution, medical device companies can bring higher quality life changing devices to market, faster - which, after all, is our mission
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Additional Culture Details

“Alligator blood,” the poker term is used to describe players who, like alligators, fight relentlessly and never let up on their competitors, runs our veins. This hard-to-kill cultural ethos perfectly describes Greenlight Guru’s approach to improving the quality of medical devices used by millions of patients around the world.... Read more


Because the rules and regulations medical device companies must follow are always changing, it takes creative and innovative solutions to keep our customers one step ahead. That’s why not only is our product innovative, but everything from the way we view support, to our accountability system, to our culture is as well.

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