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GP Transco was founded on the idea of creating a trucking and logistics company that is truly modern. GP Transco strives to provide excellent customer service while offering a modern work environment with competitive pay and outstanding benefits.... Read more


When GP Transco was founded over 15 years ago, the founders set out to create a trucking and logistics company that is truly modern. GP Transco's top priority is customer and employee satisfaction, all while maintaining a modern approach to the industry and while having a proactive approach to environmental consciousness. GP Transco’s philosophy is simple: provide clients with excellent service while offering a modern work environment for employees with competitive pay and outstanding benefits. GP Transco employees enjoy a state-of-the-art headquarters in Joliet IL with a true open-door policy to the company’s management.... Read more


The company understands that successful trucking starts with outstanding professional truck drivers. Each driver has his or her strengths and unique abilities, which can fit into the unique needs of a customer – GP Transco plans the delivery of freight according to the drivers who fit the specific needs of the customer best. Technology is key - the dash cameras installed on each GP Transco truck are equipped with AI capability, resulting in an extremely safe fleet. All GP Transco trucks are equipped with collision mitigation systems that notify the driver if the truck is moving outside of the lane or approaching the vehicle ahead too quickly.

Each GP Transco truck and trailer is equipped with a GPS tracking unit, giving both office staff and customers an exact location on each load. Each customer has access to a birds-eye view look at a map showing each of their current loads in transit with GP Transco, as well as the status, ETA, and more. Customers and brokers have access to a live map of all available GP Transco trucks, including the contact information for each dispatcher – this makes it easy to find a truck where and when a customer needs to. This advanced ecosystem is made possible through the company’s in-house developed TMS System, which streamlines operations in a cloud-based environment. GP Transco is a 5-time Inc. 5000 company and a 4-time Crain's Fast 50 company; the 520-truck carrier has plans for steady growth and continued efficiency improvements.
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GP Transco’s main objective is delivering freight safely and reliably while advancing policies that are both contemporary and innovative to the trucking industry, as well as promoting the industry in a positive light while highlighting the use of modern technology and the fair and respectful treatment of truck drivers and office staff.... Read more

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GP Transco was named the Best Trucking Company To Work For by Smart-Trucking for two years in a row – the company plans to continue innovating and doing its part in bringing the trucking industry to the modern age, providing office staff and drivers with an outstanding work environment and setting an example for other companies in the transportation and logistics industry to follow.... Read more


600,000 Pounds of Medical Cargo Unloaded from a An-124 Cargo Aircraft | GP Transco | COVID-19 Relief
2020 was a difficult year with COVID-19 shutting down large parts of the economy and creating surges In demand when it comes to products we all took for granted – things like basic medical supplies, personal hygiene products, etc. The transportation and logistics industry turned out to be a key factor in getting these things delivered to hospitals and stores. GP Transco delivered millions of pounds of medical supplies this year, making their trucks available at a day’s notice; you can see one such delivery where 24 GP Transco trucks picked up 600,000 pounds of medical supplies at the Rockford Int. Airport: The company has also volunteered their service at no cost to Crayons to Cradles, a charity that supplies children in need with winter clothing, school supplies, and toys, delivering full trailers of winter clothing.


Joliet, IL


550 US Employees


Distribution, Logistics, & Freight - Other

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