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We’re Goode Company Restaurants, a family-owned and operated business. We’re curators of Texas lifestyle and cuisine. Our restaurants, catering service, and e-commerce business are built on a remarkable heritage and authentic soul that has the power to transform simple ingredients and traditions into an enduring, endearing slice of Texas. With over forty years of restaurant and catering experience under our belt (and a whole lot of BBQ), we take the people we work with as seriously as the food we serve. That’s because we think you need the best of both to fully honor the rich cooking traditions of Texas.

We believe in the tried and true. The homemade. The handcrafted. Food and service that’s as genuine as we are. Goode Company shares and preserves the rich cooking traditions of Texas. Time-honored recipes. Handmade preparations. Quality ingredients. We serve authentic Texas, one plate at a time.
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To share and preserve the rich cooking traditions of Texas. Time-honored recipes. Handmade preparations. Quality ingredients.... Read more


To deliver the highest quality complete dining experience while maintaining operational excellence and constantly seeking to grow our customer base.... Read more

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We take pride in our work. We know what we’re doing. Commitment to people matters most, so we’re accountable to ourselves and to our customers. We pay attention to detail. Everywhere. Every day. We’re focused on quality in all that we do as we share and serve the very best of Texas cuisine and lifestyle.

Each of us is a Goode Company brand ambassador who embraces our brand personality: genuine, good-natured, proud, honorable and Texan.
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