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With over 6,000 students, GOAL serves these families in 40 locations around the state. GOAL High School is the largest high school in Colorado yet is also the smallest high school in each community they serve. This personalized approach is empowered by GOAL's premier model of education using online learning along with face-to-face instruction and social-emotional assistance. 
In this unprecedented era of educational uncertainty, school choice has become of highest importance. 

GOAL has been pioneering and perfecting this model for over fifteen years.  GOAL's mission -- to develop productive members of society -- is even more relevant now than ever before!  Doing so in line with our vision to ensure students of a learning environment which is caring, supportive and personalized is what every parent and student desires.
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GOAL High School has changed lives in Colorado since 2009. Our purpose is to assist students who are disconnected from any school (There are over 40,000 young adults, ages 16-21, who are not attending school.) along with those students who are enrolled, but are still disconnected from their current school. Serving as a safety net school in almost every community of the state, our students are offered the possibility of success through hard work and partnership with their school. GOAL strives to employ the most passionate educators and support staff available to provide a comprehensive system of need assessment, wrap-around services and mentorship. GOAL’s balanced course offerings bridge the present to the future for our students. The pathway to graduation at GOAL is unique for every student ensuring that their engaged young minds stay focused as they develop into productive members of society.

Addressing the opportunity gap for at-risk youth in Colorado will continue to be GOAL High School’s greatest achievement. Through a robust strategic plan, GOAL will continue to bring efficiency to our fiscal process, consistency to our culture and communication, continue gaining ground on academic growth, and provide new opportunities for our valued staff with advancement and professional growth. Our stakeholders will realize the value our school offers in course diversity preparing students for a broader spectrum of future opportunity in the workforce and postsecondary pathways.
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Additional Culture Details

GOAL High School is fully committed to constantly nurturing and maintaining a positive culture. The Flippen Model of communication and culture is a tried-and-true program utilized at GOAL High School. Flippen is based on the concept of “Capturing Kid’s Hearts.” The model is based on the premise that only through personal connection and relationship development can the highest degree of effective teaching and teamwork among staff be accomplished. Effective teaching and teamwork lead to a positive learning environment and high job satisfaction. In turn, the vision and mission become that much more obtainable.

The communication model of Flippen is broken down into five steps with the acronym EXCEL.

E- Engage with students and colleagues in a positive manner. Share greetings and good things.
X- Explore what we can do for others or the group.
C- Communicate clearly - expectations and deadlines.
E- Empower one another to do their best and be their best.
L- Launch out of the conversation or meeting on a positive note.

Through training and regular practice, along with team discussions built around this model, the culture at GOAL High School is constantly improving.
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Development of productive members of society
As an “Alternate Education Campus,” over 95% of GOAL students report at least one “High-Risk” factor including, but not limited to the following:
Previously Dropped Out
History of Suspensions
Loss of a Parent or Sibling
Parental Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Teen Parents
Endured Trauma, Anxiety, Bullying, Depression

Thanks to the “wrap-around support” provided by the many layers of student assistance provided, GOAL can effectively meet the needs and assist in removing the barriers to a student’s educational success.

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