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A credit union is like a bank, but better. Georgia’s Own is a full-service, not-for-profit financial institution, owned by members (that’s you!) rather than controlled by stockholders. You’ll find all the products and services you’d expect from a financial institution, but with better rates and fewer, lower fees. We believe when we invest in our members, it strengthens our communities, too. That’s Banking on Purpose.... Read more


Banking on Purpose
While many things have changed throughout our long history as a Credit Union, acting with purpose—whether it’s serving our members, giving back to our communities, or cultivating our employees—has remained the foundation of what we do. Banking On Purpose explains our character and motivation. It drives our decision-making, and is the underlying reason why people should choose us as an employer and financial institution. Banking on Purpose is not just a tagline—it is our mission and vision, both internally and externally.


Atlanta, GA


535 US Employees


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I feel like I am part of a team. I feel like I am able to effectively contribute not only to my team, but the company.

I am able to make a positive impact on the members of our community and our employees through leadership.

Because I work with some amazing people, I have a CM who cares about his work family. He is positive and honest and supportive.

I am able to consistantly gain knowledge through the massive amount of other employees who are willing to assist and guide.

In my work I am able to be very flexible with my schedule, and I feel like I am able to contribute to the overall success of the company.

I have a boss that cares, and is always willing to teach me new things in order to grow in my department.

I feel like I am an important part of Georgia's own and what I do matters.

I feel like I make a difference for the team and the membership.

I am able to contribute to the greater cause of providing our community with financial assistance to meet the needs and dreams of their families.

I get to do what I enjoy and I have an amazing team and support.

I feel I make a difference in our member's lives

Georgia's Own is true to its values

Georgia's Own enables me to have a good Work-Life balance. I also believe we place a high value on our members and that is important to me.

Its fulfilling and I am learning so much about Georgia's Own Credit Union and its culture and diversity. My manager is very responsive and supportive in helping me to be successful at my job.

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