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Gates Chili Central School District

Gates Chili CSD offers state-of-the-art learning opportunities, with additional investments being made to our students’ future with our current Capital Improvement Plan. The district covers a 26-square-mile area serving most of the Town of Gates and a large portion of the Town of Chili. Our diverse population, which is comprised of students from more than 20 different countries who speak more than 30 home languages, fosters an accepting and positive school culture where staff are committed to teaching and inspiring excellence for all learners.... Read more


The Gates Chili Central School District is dedicated to creating the right conditions for learning for every student through excellent academic programs, extensive co-curricular activities, partnerships with families, partnerships with the community, and a commitment to providing the knowledge, skills, and resources to prepare students for success.

Along with rigorous curriculum and highly qualified staff, Gates Chili offers instructional technology to assist with educating the 21st-century student. Computers in every classroom, computer labs, mobile wireless computer labs, teacher websites, and online learning opportunities are some of the technology resources available to students and staff.

Gates Chili serves nearly 3,800 students in four elementary schools for grades UPK-5, a middle school for grades 6-8, and a high school for grades 9-12.

Gates Chili High School has a national award-winning state-of-the-art science wing, with an aquatics lab and botany study areas; an art and graphic arts wing where students can study classic art as well as technology applications for print and video; a 9,000-square-foot library with excellent media and technology opportunities; a career and counseling center; an impressive stadium and track; and a field house where a 22,000-square-foot gymnasium, fitness center, swimming pool and an indoor track create a wellness area that serves not only the students but the community-at-large.
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The Gates Chili Board of Education believes it is the purpose of the Gates Chili Central School District to provide a sound education for every student it serves. Recognizing this, our mission statement is: Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners.... Read more


Our mission must be addressed through a shared vision that is based on the belief that we must establish healthy and caring relationships with every student we serve, as well as with staff, parents and the community-at-large. The content we teach must be relevant to the learner and rigorous in its expectations.

The district’s mission and vision are driven by values that guide decision-making and behavior expectations for everyone. We define those values as the Spartan Way. The four values within the Spartan Way are: respect, responsibility, compassion and hard work.
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Additional Culture Details

The GC PRIDE Award
Gates Chili CSD is proud to recognize students, staff and community members who go above and beyond on behalf of the district and its students. The GC PRIDE Award stands for and honors professionalism, respect, innovation, dedication and excellence.

For several years, the district has been utilizing the hashtag #GCPride to share positive news. Using the hashtag highlights the various ways in which Gates Chili community members feel pride in their school district. From the classroom to the stage and the athletic fields, this hashtag is used by staff and students more than 200 times per week on average.
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Gates Chili Spartan Way Values
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