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As the leader in digital marketing optimization, G5 turns marketing into move-ins for multifamily, senior living, and self storage properties. Through its scalable lead generation strategies, emerging technologies, and AI-based solutions, G5 delivers higher quality leads and better ROI. Founded in 2005, G5 currently provides marketing solutions for more than 8,000 properties and two million units throughout the U.S. and Canada. Based in Bend, Ore., G5 is backed by private equity investor PeakEquity Partners. Learn more at Read more


G5 empowers marketers in the multifamily, self storage, and senior living industries to be better and do better every day.... Read more


G5 Performance Marketing: Forward Design. Disruptive Technology.

Welcome to the age of the hyper-informed customer. In today’s highly connected, always-on, fast moving, distracted, and impatient world, marketers are struggling to get the attention of prospects across various digital channels. With access to large quantities of information in the palm of their hands, today’s consumers have the power to decide when and how to buy. Every search, every click, every ‘like’, and every online purchase generates data that tells a story about consumers: what products they like, which messages resonate, where they spend time online, and the best times to reach them.

Today’s smartest companies, like Netflix and Amazon, tap into this data to serve up tailored experiences, connecting their customers with the products that match their preferences at the right time. Their marketing is continuous, data-driven, and customer-centered.

Multifamily, self storage and senior living marketing doesn’t have to be different.

The time it takes your renters to find their next home or storage unit is over weeks or months, not hours. In that time, they consult a wide variety of online sources, generating thousands of data points that reveal their interests and preferences. Tapping into that data provides powerful insights that can transform your marketing, making it possible to be proactive, predictive.

It is no secret that knowing your renters and residents -- their interests and behaviors -- is the key to smarter marketing. But the truth is that most marketing just can’t keep up.

And you don’t have time to waste. You need to fill vacancies quickly. You can’t wait weeks -- or even days -- for your marketing to catch up to your customers.

You need a marketing solution that knows your renters and uses data science, machine learning, and automation to quickly connect your property with ready-to-rent customers.

You need G5 Performance Marketing.

It is the only digital marketing solution that continually gets smarter -- meaning better results for every dollar spent.

To us, good design means high-performing design. It is creative that not only looks good, it delivers results. And it never gets in the way of our first objective -- turning interest into quality leads.

From website experience to local SEO and digital advertising campaigns, we tailor your digital strategy to reach, engage, and convert renters quickly.

Powered by advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation, G5 Performance Marketing has the power to transform your marketing, making it possible to be proactive, predictive.

At its core is a robust data platform that unifies property, prospect, and leasing data from 30+ sources and more than 8,000 properties. Having this rich data in-house means we don’t spend months trying to figure out what will work. G5 Performance Marketing uses advanced analytics to evaluate data at scale, allowing us to deliver a seamless, exceptional online experience to your customers.

With G5 Performance Marketing, you get brand-forward creative, industry-leading demand generation strategies, and deep insights that deliver the right leads, faster.
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G5 provides innovative, performance-first digital marketing solutions that connect properties with in-market, ready-to-rent customers. And we do it better than anyone else.... Read more


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