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Atlanta, GA


375 US Employees



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What employees are saying

I love my team, and I feel valued and encouraged to make good contributions toward the achievement of my team's goals. The people here are so positive and helpful, and I appreciate the training and education I've been receiving to be able to learn and grow. It's a great feeling to love your job, and I truly do.

I am constantly learning new things. I am being mentored. We have the opportunity to better ourselves and find ways to be more efficient/innovative. The shear size of our projects is incredible. The Engineering side is so MUCH FUN!!!!

My opinions are valued despite being young, everything is explained to me, and I am trusted with meaningful work in an industry that is destined to continue to grow.

It brings me me daily challenges and the opportunity to learn. I feel like I am surrounded by professionals who deeply care about their work and our clients. We have a great benefits package and are compensated fairly.

I am happy with my salary and my benefits. I enjoy what I do. I appreciate the team that I work with. We always help each other no matter what

My opinions and expertise are valued. I am trusted.

I am continuously challenged and learning everyday. Each day brings something new and I feel the work we produce is meaningful and impactful to our clients.

I like the work I'm doing (challenges, opportunities to grow) and the people I get to work with on a daily basis.

I am empowered to achieve my personal and professional goals. My peers and manager really care about my performance, development, and satisfaction. I understand exactly what my contribution to the company is and am incentivized to work hard to achieve my goals

I have independence and autonomy to do my best work but have the support of my manager and others around me. From my first day on the job, I have felt like I have been set up to succeed and flourish.