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FORTNA partners with the world’s leading brands to transform omnichannel and parcel distribution operations. Known world-wide for enabling companies to keep pace with digital disruption and growth objectives, we design and deliver solutions, powered by intelligent software, to optimize fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfillment and last mile delivery. Our people, innovative approach and proprietary algorithms and tools ensure optimal operations design and material and information flow. We deliver exceptional value every day to our customers with comprehensive services and products including network strategy, distribution center operational design and implementation, material handling automated equipment, robotics and a comprehensive suite of lifecycle services. Visit Read more


Our PEOPLE thrive through our commitment to inclusion for all, endless curiosity, and the power of teamwork.


Atlanta, GA


785 US Employees



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What employees are saying

I feel like my position gives me the opportunity to move my career to the next level. I feel very supported and appreciated by my direct manager as well as senior management.

I love my team, and I feel valued and encouraged to make good contributions toward the achievement of my team's goals. The people here are so positive and helpful, and I appreciate the training and education I've been receiving to be able to learn and grow. It's a great feeling to love your job, and I truly do.

There is most always someone available to answer questions that I come up with, whether they be related to our department or cross-functional with other departments.

I am constantly learning new things. I am being mentored. We have the opportunity to better ourselves and find ways to be more efficient/innovative. The shear size of our projects is incredible. The Engineering side is so MUCH FUN!!!!

I feel valued and get to do impactful work within several areas of the company. Everyone is so eager to hand out positive feedback, and I appreciate that immensely! I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

My opinions are valued despite being young, everything is explained to me, and I am trusted with meaningful work in an industry that is destined to continue to grow.

I like what I do, I get fulfillment when a job is completed and the client is happy with the results.

It brings me me daily challenges and the opportunity to learn. I feel like I am surrounded by professionals who deeply care about their work and our clients. We have a great benefits package and are compensated fairly.

I have the freedom to solve issues for the greater good of all stakeholders and to enable people to have great careers

I am happy with my salary and my benefits. I enjoy what I do. I appreciate the team that I work with. We always help each other no matter what

There is always a challenge and this makes me a better person with a broader knowledge of the systems we work with

My opinions and expertise are valued. I am trusted.

I have the opportunity to grow professionally more quickly and I have the flexibility to balance my professional and personal life.

I am continuously challenged and learning everyday. Each day brings something new and I feel the work we produce is meaningful and impactful to our clients.

It gives me the opportunity to grow and learn new things.

I like the work I'm doing (challenges, opportunities to grow) and the people I get to work with on a daily basis.

I am empowered to achieve my personal and professional goals. My peers and manager really care about my performance, development, and satisfaction. I understand exactly what my contribution to the company is and am incentivized to work hard to achieve my goals

I have independence and autonomy to do my best work but have the support of my manager and others around me. From my first day on the job, I have felt like I have been set up to succeed and flourish.

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