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First United Overview

First United Bank and Trust is a financial services organization dedicated to helping all of our stakeholders protect and make the most of their assets. But we're a lot more than that. Banking and finance are what we do, not who we are.

Our purpose is to inspire and empower others to Spend Life Wisely. We believe that in order to Spend Life Wisely, we need a balance of faith, financial well-being, health and wellness, and personal growth.

To inspire and empower others to Spend Life Wisely.
First United is dedicated to building a culture of care in the communities we serve and helping others find their path to success. We build lifelong, multigenerational relationships and use our collective talents to make our community a better, stronger, more stable place, one customer, one family, one company at a time.
Additional Culture Details
At First United, we love our employees and we want to see them succeed in all areas of life. Internally, we introduced a Spend Life Wisely Program that is designed to encourage learning, engagement, and involvement within four core areas of life – financial well-being, health and wellness, personal growth and faith. Employees have a variety of ways to earn points in each area through workshops, online education, wellness screenings, volunteering, participating in Bible study groups, and much more. When our employees participate, we reward them with additional paid days off each year.
We make a difference in the lives of others. We share our time and our hearts with our communities.
We meet others where they are and help them get where they want to be. We share lifelong relationships.
High Performance
We are life-long learners who combine our individual talents to achieve high performance. We work as a team, learning and succeeding together.
We cherish family: our own, our bank family, and the families of others. We know family is our foundation.
We hold each other to high standards; our actions speak louder than words. We live with integrity.
We put God first, our family second, and our jobs third. we know we have unshakable faith.
1,700 US Employees
Banking, Mortgage, Insurance & Wealth Management


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