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We’re pet lovers. And we know you are, too. That’s why our goal is to reshape your experience at the vet.

We think you should look forward to your pet’s visit. And that your pet should enjoy the outing, too!

From the beginning, we’ve named all the little things we do to make a BIG difference at your visit. We call this our 100 Little Things.

Giving back to pets in need is also important to us. We donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in free medical care to community nonprofits each year. We celebrate pets who find their forever family.

We’re proud of our team and the culture we’ve built: one that delivers the best experience for you, your pet, and our community.
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Our purpose is to offer the best, most comprehensive veterinary experience for you, your pet, and our community.

For you: We strive to exceed your expectations, making your visit pleasant and stress free. Each day we do 100 little things to make a BIG difference to your visit. We focus on honest communication with pet owners. We offer options for healthcare based on lifestyle and budget. We’re friendly and helpful. And so much more! Our full list of 100 Little Things is at

For pets: At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure each pet lives the longest, happiest, and healthiest life possible. Clients often tell us their pets LOVE visiting Firehouse. We know this is due to our team's focus on fear free visits. When pets are happy to hop in the car and visit us, we see them annually and can promote health/catch issues early.

For our community: We support 13 local nonprofits in their missions to improve pet lives. We aim to offer ALL pets a chance at living their best life.
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Firehouse's Vision and Mission are the same: to provide comprehensive care, unparalleled service, and a collaborative experience to the pets and people of Central Texas.... Read more


Firehouse's Vision and Mission are the same: to provide comprehensive care, unparalleled service, and a collaborative experience to the pets and people of Central Texas.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We care for our team with the same heart as we do for our clients and patients.

-A culture of nurturing: We onboard new team members for 60 days to teach processes, set expectations, and share branding. We set personal goals and actively coach areas of improvement. After 60 days, we meet for quarterly 360-degree reviews. This fosters ongoing communication, coaching, and goal setting.

-We’re inclusive: We place high value on diversity and equity within our team. We want everyone to feel welcome here – clients and team members.

-We strive for work-life balance to keep morale high: our industry has a high rate of suicide. To help our team, we provide a safe and welcoming work environment, foster open communication, and provide regular check-ins with all team members. Personal goal setting and coaching make a big difference for morale and mental health. Firehouse also values our role in the community. We actively participate in charity events. This gives the team a chance to serve with added benefits of helping people feel appreciated and increasing a sense of belonging.

-Fun! We grow relationships at 2 annual company parties and many philanthropic activities.

-Continuing education: Doctors attend continuing education conferences. Hospital managers attend leadership and communication seminars. Vet Techs and Client Service Coordinators attend training that syncs with personal goals.

-The big picture: Our team knows they’re part of a larger mission.
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Foster Education
Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin Education is what we do. We create a culture that facilitates the growth and learning of our team, clients, and community. Effective veterinary team members should have the heart of a teacher and the curiosity of a student. At Firehouse, we practice the mantra, "learn one, do one, teach one." We are hungry for knowledge and eager to share.

Recent Awards

Company Snapshots

The Firehouse team and their families at our summer 2021 party
Firehouse's JEDI team, which focuses on DEI throughout the year
Firehouse calms nervous pets before exams with techniques learned from Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practice training. Here, Dr Lawton helps a patient feel comfortable before her wellness exam.
Most dogs are more comfortable on the floor, so we get down on their level. Dr Tomlin and CJ Champ during a wellness visit.