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Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae creates opportunities for people to buy, refinance, or rent a home. We provide a stable source of liquidity to support low- and moderate-income mortgage borrowers and renters by enabling greater access to affordable home and rental housing finance, in all markets and at all times. As a leading source of financing for mortgages in the United States, Fannie Mae purchases mortgages from lenders and helps facilitate the flow of capital into the housing market by issuing and guaranteeing mortgage-related securities. Every day, our extraordinary talent works hard to serve those who house America.... Read more


Fannie Mae is a leading source of mortgage financing, in all markets and at all times. We ensure the availability of affordable mortgage loans. The financing solutions we develop make sustainable homeownership and workforce rental housing a reality for millions of people in America. 

The work we do helps maintain the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, which has dominated the housing market since the 1950s. This popular mortgage loan makes committing to purchasing a home easier: It gives homeowners stability and peace of mind by providing predictable mortgage payments over the life of the loan.
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Our vision is to be America’s most valued housing partner. We seek to lead the market, lead by example, and serve our partners. We value our people and the communities we serve, actively seeking new ways to develop our workforce and serve others. We work on behalf of homebuyers and renters to ensure access to affordable and sustainable housing across the country.... Read more


Our mission is to provide liquidity and promote stability and affordability in the U.S. housing finance industry. We continue to innovate and promote a stronger, safer, and more efficient housing finance system to support more opportunities for homebuyers and renters in communities throughout the nation.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Fannie Mae, our inclusive culture promotes innovation and new ideas in a mission-driven environment. We are focused on shaping the future of housing and finding ways to make sustainable, affordable homeownership and rental opportunities possible. Our team is focused on harnessing emerging technologies, streamlining the mortgage process, and creating industry-leading green financing and investment products.... Read more


You will find a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive workforce that strives to make a difference in and out of the office at Fannie Mae. We value our people, innovation, and transparency. We celebrate diversity of ideas and harness the power of our diverse workforce to achieve optimal business results. We can feel comfortable being ourselves as we develop our own career paths. Every day we enjoy the latest in tech and a mission-based focus, and benefit from the energizing inspiration of unique viewpoints. Together, we move Fannie Mae forward.

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