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FairWarning Overview

FairWarning is committed to growing trust in an increasingly interconnected world by protecting people from the harm of having their most sensitive data compromised. We partner with our customers to secure private, sensitive information held in mission-critical applications. By partnering, we mean “we listen to our customers carefully; solve the specific problems they are most concerned about by applying our proven expertise, products and services; and take an authentic interest in ensuring our customers receive continual value from our products and services.”
Founded by Kurt Long in 2005, FairWarning has significantly grown year after year and has been the leader in the industry. In May of 2018, FairWarning was purchased by Mainsail Partners, a San Francisco growth equity investment firm focused on the software industry. In August of 2019, FairWarning welcomed our current CEO, Ed Holmes, to the team.

FairWarning strives to protect the health, wealth & personal information of everyone on Earth.
Build information security services that business people find easy to use, pay for themselves many times over and make the lives of everyone involved better.
Additional Culture Details
The FairWarning culture can be described as a dynamic, fast paced, fun and innovative atmosphere. Teamwork is one of our values, we believe in embracing a competitive but collaborative work environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to something great. We believe everyone has unique skills and ideas that can contribute to the growth and success of our team.
Commitment: As a FairWarning Team Member, I am committed to the Vision, Goals, Rules and Success of FairWarning. I will do whatever it takes to honor the commitments that I make.
Health: At the heart of consistent success is physical, mental and spiritual health…Health gives me the energy to serve, compete and grow…I strive to create an environment at FairWarning that is conducive to my ongoing health and to the health of my teammates…
Communication: I always speak openly and truthfully. I welcome input from my teammates on how to arrive at the right answers…not my answer…I speak positively about my teammates, FairWarning’s customers and partners…knowing that their intentions are good based on their perspective.
Competition: I embrace competition as an opportunity to win the privilege of serving customers…to bring out the best in myself…to bring out the best in my teammates. Excelling in competition is at the heart of growth, excellence and teamwork…
Innovation & Excellent: Innovation and excellence are at the heart of FairWarning solutions and I continually strive to find new ways to solve customer challenges and to ensure our customers, partners and fellow employees.
Cultural Pluralism: I embrace FairWarning’s diverse workplace and will be tolerant and respectful of my team members’ rights to behave in accordance with their beliefs. I further understand every FairWarning team member is expected to embrace FairWarning’s values and abide by governing laws of country, state and province….
Profitable Growth: I am always seeking ways that FairWarning can grow in a profitable way. Growth and profits keep FairWarning, the organization and people who count on the company strong.
Customer Success: The heart and soul of FairWarning…I aim to create an experience for our customers that exceeds their expectations at every step of interaction…I aim to create a customer experience that the customer depends on for their business…Our quest to create an outstanding customer experience builds a lasting business for the employees of FairWarning…
Sales: I embrace and participate in FairWarning’s sales oriented culture. Growing sales provides us with professional growth opportunities…growing sales provides security for the employees and families of FairWarning…growing sales allows us to deliver value to an ever-growing number of customers across the world…
Fun: My work is something that I enjoy and feel passionate about…it is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world…my career is balanced with my personal life so that I continue to make balanced, consistent decisions.
Teamwork: I recognize that my role is crucial to the success of the FairWarning team and I always do whatever it takes to deliver on my responsibilities to the success of the team. I also understand that our success is larger than any one person and I am willing to compromise toward that greater good.
Clearwater, FL
161 US Employees
Information Technology


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