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Fairfield Medical Center Overview

Fairfield Medical Center located in Lancaster, Ohio, was established in 1916 and has continued to grow since then to become the modern, not-for-profit healthcare system it is today. Fairfield Medical Center is a 222-bed general acute care facility dedicated to being the major referral center that serves the healthcare needs of southeastern and central Ohio region. The Center is the largest employer in Fairfield County and is represented by over 2000 employees, over 600 volunteers and Twig members and a growing team of over 250 physicians who all work together to ensure Fairfield Medical Center's continuing success in meeting the healthcare needs of our residents. To enhance upon its delivery of healthcare to the various communities it serves, Fairfield Medical Center has established affiliates and off-campus locations to allow for greater accessibility and enhanced services.

We provide exceptional care to every one- our patients, their families, and each other, from the heart, always.
Fairfield Medical Center will be recognized as the leader in patient/family centered care for those we serve both in our facilities and
in our communities.
FMC delivers outstanding healthcare
for our patients, their families
and our communities.
Additional Culture Details
We have been on a cultural transformation journey over the five years and it is probably safe to say we have reached the sustainability portion of our journey. We have a servant leadership philosophy that starts at the top and permeates through the entire organization. As part of our cultural transformation, we have created an advocate role for our highly engaged employees who want to serve as a positive role model in support of our culture and leadership team. We have a caring, nurturing environment that fosters support and growth.
Understanding others' perspectives, without labeling or judging. Being personally engaged in providing patient and family-centered care. Treating patients/families with compassion; every patient, every time.
Having the passion and courage to do the right thing
Taking responsibility for your words and your actions. Delivering on promises and commitments. Achieving excellence in all that we do. Honest, legal and ethical behavior
Using FMC resources wisely. Respecting the time and resources of patients and families. Giving back to the Center and community with time, talent and/or money. Showing pride in FMC.
Taking initiative to find creative solutions. Demonstrating courage. Anticipating concerns and responding promptly. Exploring opportunities for growth. Minimizing bureaucracy.
Treating others with courtesy and respect.Working in collaboration and fellowship and not in silos. Appreciating and drawing on the strengths of each person. Welcoming differing viewpoints. Embracing the FMC Culture. Creating a spirit of belonging within FMC. Assuming good intent.
Lancaster, OH
1,986 US Employees


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