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Levelset helps contractors and suppliers get payment under control, and sees a world where no one loses a night’s sleep overpayment.

Over 500,000 contractors and suppliers connect on Levelset’s cloud-based platform to make the payment processes stress-free. Users easily exchange payment documents like lien waivers, pay applications, and preliminary notices, they see a complete picture of who is on their job, and are empowered with the resources and knowledge they need to be confident in payment. The results are faster payments and fewer surprises.
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Additional Culture Details

One of our core values is The Most Important Place to Work and we take that to heart. We’re going to push you to be better.

A wise entrepreneur once said, “Keep moving forward.” And here at zlien we focus on just that. Did you solve a complex dev issue? Land the biggest account in zlien’s history? Fantastic!! We’re going to recognize your hard work and accomplishment, and after that we’re going to push you to be even better, and to keep moving forward.

We want to always be curious and open to learning new things, acquiring new skills, welcoming new experiences.

Another important component of being the most important place to work is your office life and the relationships you have with your colleagues. Here we believe that pushing you to be better doesn’t mean surrounding you with people who are exactly like you. In fact we’re pretty sure you’re going to encounter some conflicts - in interests, in personalities, in work styles.

We ask that you use good judgment and push yourself to think outside the box, consider another perspective and keep your focus and energies on the big picture - building the best zlien possible. We don’t want you to get too comfortable. And we’re not being sadistic in saying that.

Comfort is the enemy of innovation. You’re not going to love every person you work with or every project or task that you’re given, but we hope that you’ll push yourself to find a solution, and you never know you could end up finding a great friend/colleague in the process.

Really unhappy with a situation and you’ve exhausted absolutely every avenue and effort you can think of? Speak up. While we pride ourselves on being the most important place to work and in supporting and pushing you, we can’t read minds. Help zlien help you.

In short - be positive, use good judgment, never say never when you’re trying to innovate, don’t get comfortable, and Help zlien, help you.
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Passionate About Fairness
We stand up against the fraud, the bigger bully, the legal system as a whole. We are passionate about promoting fairness in the construction industry, and generally in commerce, and empower our software users to normalize leverage and level the playing field. People’s livelihoods and reputations are at stake with every project. They believe in trust and good business relationships. We strive to create a fair playing field that puts the construction ecosystem in a better place.


New Orleans, LA


98 US Employees


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