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Expel allows our customers to do what they love about security, even if that’s not thinking about it. We’re busting the proprietary black-box approach that legacy Managed Service Security Providers (MSSPs) take. Customers describe existing providers as “you pour your money in, and nothing comes out.” Instead, we’re transparent about what we do and how we do it. In our hold-your-cards-close-to-your-chest industry, that’s radical.

We use the security products our customers already have and our analysts investigate alerts and monitor customers’ environments. When we find a problem, we tell customers exactly what to do about it, and we get to the root cause so that these problems don’t happen again.

Leaders want answers, not more alerts. Yet despite the record number of security tools available today, most security teams spend most of their time in the weeds sifting through alerts. Or worse -- businesses can’t find (or afford) and retain the talent to get those answers they need.
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We create space for our customers to do what you love about security (even if that’s thinking about it as little as possible).... Read more


Expel allows its customers to do what they love about security, even if that’s not thinking about it. Expel uses the security products its customers already have and gives them answers, not more alerts.... Read more

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Instead of us telling you about our culture, we think it's better for you to hear what our employees think about it. Here's a review that an employee shared on Glassdoor that summarizes it well. However, if we had to choose one attribute to describe what makes this culture great, it would be "transparency".

This is the first startup I've worked at in my career and, after 15+ years of slogging away at very big, very corporate companies, I was nervous about making the change. But I'm thrilled to say that working at Expel has exceeded my expectations. Here are a few things about the company that I like:
- This place has a high hiring bar, meaning it's full of bright, super sharp people who were very likely the shining stars at their previous companies. I admire the work ethic, dedication, creativity and professionalism of everyone I've had the pleasure of working with.
- The work is meaningful, and the company was created to provide better value to customers who have been dissatisfied with legacy providers in our industry. Expel exists to truly help our customers fix the things with security that aren't working. That's pretty awesome.
- The culture here really is as great as everyone says. (Yep, I was a skeptic at first, too.) We do work hard -- you certainly won't be sitting around looking for things to do -- but leadership makes it clear that health and family and your general well-being are priorities, and they walk the walk. This is the first time in my career that I haven't been stressed about balancing my professional life and my parenting responsibilities. It's a really, really nice change.
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