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EPIC Creative is a full-service marketing and communications agency serving local, national, and international clients, with a focus on outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden, healthcare technology, and critical manufacturing. Founded in a garage in 1989, today we house a team of talented people in our headquarters and production studios in West Bend, Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee.

When it comes to our clients, we pride ourselves in working with, not for. We work with brands and organizations to develop great creative, meet goals, and drive results. Our creative talents and passions build careers, brands, and memories.
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As our name suggests, we're a creative agency. But we’re also a branding agency, which means we not only inspire audiences to interact with your brand right now, we also work proactively to map out how it will evolve into an ever more valuable asset for your business.

Whether you’re eyeing a small, à la carte marketing project or a need a full-service marketing company to execute 360-degree campaigns, your order comes with a generous slathering of the secret sauce that’s been the envy of the Milwaukee marketing & advertising community for over 30 years: an experienced, efficient, fun-loving, results-driven team of creative dynamos.
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Our creative talents and passions build careers, brands, and memories.

When we look at where we want to take EPIC, we again look to our relationships. We all have creative talents and passions, and want to use those to build the careers of those who work with us, create great brands that people remember, and create stories that we will tell for the rest of our lives.
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We work with brands to develop great creative, deliver marketing results, and help drive sales.

By addressing the approach to the relationship with our clients first, we define the context of that relationship. A simple change from "working for brands" to "working with brands" gives a different perspective on who we are. Now, the goal of "develop great creative, deliver marketing results, and help drive sales" are our goals too.

This mindset change sets our mission as being a partner in our clients' businesses, industries, and lives.
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Additional Culture Details

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Scrappy, Honest + Kind.
These are the three words we live by, that articulate how we approach our work, engage our clients, and celebrate our coworkers. It's not a tagline; it's a way of life.


West Bend, WI


78 US Employees


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