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EOG Resources Overview

EOG is one of the largest exploration and production companies in the United States with proved reserves in the United States, Trinidad and China. EOG’s business strategy is to maximize the rate of return on investment of capital by controlling operating/capital costs. EOG strives to maintain the lowest possible operating cost structure and a continuing commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability. EOG’s use of proprietary data and more than 100 apps is well-known within the industry. EOG has a real-time, returns-focused decision making process that is made possible by its approach to technology and data. EOG’s focus on advanced technology and data analysis improves the utilization of 3-D seismic/microseismic data, the development of reservoir models, the use of drilling equipment, and completion technologies. In order to find and develop low-cost reserves, EOG also prioritizes exploration and drilling of internally generated prospects. This strategy is intended to consistently deliver cost-effective crude oil and natural gas production allowing the company to deliver long-term shareholder value and maintain a strong balance sheet.

Additional Culture Details
EOG’s unique, decentralized organizational structure is comprised of regional, multidisciplinary teams that maximize returns on invested capital while maintaining a commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. All employees, regardless of background, are business people first, and they collaborate across the organization to share knowledge, improve well performance, and capture cost efficiencies. From the bottom up, all employees understand that EOG is, and always has been, a returns-focused, organic-growth-driven organization. EOG has a culture that promotes open lines of communication and face-to-face interaction, where all employees are empowered to act on ideas. All contributions are appreciated and opinions are valued, employees across the organization are plugged in and engaged in every decision the company makes. EOG has the financial profile and sustainable business model to compete with the best companies in any sector in the S&P 500, and that is due to our people and our culture.
Houston, TX
2,821 US Employees
Oil & gas exploration and production/extraction


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