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Enova International, Inc. Overview

Chicago-based Enova
provides hardworking people with fast, trustworthy credit. Enova is a multinational company based in the U.S. that uses technology to develop innovative financial products and services for individuals and businesses. We have unique technology, analytics and customer service capabilities that let us rapidly evaluate new data sources to offer consumers and small businesses the right amount of credit or financing when and how they want it.

Helping hardworking people get access to fast, trustworthy credit.
Additional Culture Details
Our values are central to who we are and how we operate -- what we prioritize and how we interact with each other to accomplish great work. Our five values are Top Talent and Teamwork, Best Answer Wins, Operate as an Owner, Accountable for Results, and Customer First. We hire smart people who make excellent teammates and give them the trust, training and support they need. Our employees feel empowered to contribute ideas regardless of their level and work with their teammates to drive quantifiable positive results they can be proud of. Our employees tell us they enjoy working for Enova and feel engaged because 1) their coworkers are smart, authentic and great to work with, and 2) they love the challenging work and problems they get to solve.
We actively work to make our organization an “Awesome Place to Work” and drive engagement for our Top Talent. Our People Team’s stated mission is to make the company an Awesome Place to Work. We do this by making sure we’re providing employees with the right culture, support, tools and perks to get them excited to come to work every day.

While we offer perks, training, events, free food, and a flexible work environment, we believe our culture drives engagement. Engagement is authentically driven by our values and upheld by our leaders through both words and actions. It can be seen today in our COVID-19 remote work state.
Operate as an Owner: The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong at Enova. We encourage team members to think big and move fast and use resources like they’re their own.
Accountable for Results: We’re a data-driven company, and we use that data to add value and create results. We set our expectations high and do what we say we are going to do.
Customer First: We listen to our customers’ needs and create products that solve real problems. We deliver beyond expectations, treating our customers the way we want to be treated.
Top Talent and Teamwork: Enova is a place for the best and brightest, from all walks of life and parts of the world. We work in small, focused teams that encourage diversity of thought.
Best Answer Wins: We believe innovative ideas and solutions can come from anywhere. That’s why we make sure the best answer wins — no matter who it’s coming from.
Chicago, IL
1268 US Employees
Financial Services & Insurance


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