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EnLink Midstream Overview

EnLink Midstream is a leading, integrated midstream company with a diverse geographic footprint, a strong financial foundation, and a dedicated team of 1,500 employees who connect energy to life. Headquartered in Dallas, EnLink provides integrated midstream services across natural gas, crude oil, condensate, and NGL commodities. We operate in the top U.S. basins and are strategically focused on our core asset areas of the Permian Basin, the Barnett Shale, Central Oklahoma, and Louisiana’s Gulf Coast.

EnLink Midstream reliably operates a differentiated midstream platform that is built for long-term, sustainable value creation. EnLink’s best-in-class services span the midstream value chain, providing natural gas, crude oil, condensate, and NGL capabilities.
The Trusted Energy Company Devoted to Our People, Partners, and Performance
We Connect Energy to Life through midstream services that improve our customers’ businesses, employees’ lives, local communities, and investor returns.
Additional Culture Details
o    VALUES: EnLink’s culture is all about the EnLink Family living our five Core Values: Strive for Excellence, Deliver Results, Focus on People, Be Ethical, and Be Good Stewards. These values are truly the lifeblood of EnLink, as we start each meeting with a “Values Moment” to recognize these values in action. Although all of our values are important, our Focus on People is the cornerstone of EnLink’s success.
o    EVENTS: EnLink employees care for one another and celebrate life together. Each year, we host several family-focused events, from Halloween parties for our kids to an annual hamburger “grill and chill” party. We also have lunch provided each day at our headquarters, so employees can gather around tables and interact – like a family. We host a yearly employee art show to showcase our artistic side, and, each quarter, we celebrate company new hires and service anniversaries with a fun, get-to-know-each-other event with Hawaiian leis.
o    SUPPORT: We’re also there for one another during difficult times. The EnLink Community Fund is entirely funded by employee donations and optional paycheck deductions. This fund is then distributed by a committee to employees who are experiencing extreme hardships and need assistance meeting basic needs.
o    FAMILY: Our intern program prioritizes family connections. Each year, we accept around 50 high school or college interns who are children of EnLink employees. The program is so successful that many interns come back multiple times.
o    VOLUNTEERISM: EnLink’s culture also focuses on giving to others. This year, we are rallying together to support the Dallas Heart Walk (our CEO is the 2018 event chairman) and raise awareness around health and wellness at our office. We also make hundreds of sandwiches each year for local homeless organizations. Across our company, employees are encouraged to volunteer at community organizations; for the last three years, we’ve had 100 percent participation!
o    DÉCOR: Our walls at our Dallas headquarters are covered in culture! Each floor has employee collages with large portraits of our teams and families. We also have a “Connecting Energy to Life” wall that is filled with words that employee submitted to describe our company. Employees are encouraged to display their family photos at their work stations, too, and special name placards for photos were selected when we moved into our new office at One Arts Plaza, part of Dallas’ Arts District, in June 2017.
o    RECOGNITION: EnLink’s Gold Coin Award is a pay-it-forward program that allows employees to recognize each other with a commemorative gold coin when they our values in action. The Gold Coin recipient holds onto the coin as a token of appreciation and a reminder of our Core Values until he or she sees a co-worker demonstrate a core value in an impressive way. Then, the coin can be passed on to recognize that employee. Employees can also give one another digital high fives on our employee website – another way we promote our culture with photos and stories.
Focus On People
Ensure the well-being of everyone through an unwavering commitment to proactive safety procedures. Invest in our most valuable resource: our people. Hire the brightest talent, nurture their development, and cultivate their creativity. Promote a positive, cohesive team and family spirit with the knowledge that teamwork is the cornerstone of our success.
Strive for Excellence
Innovate, embrace change and position EnLink as the industry's leading midstream provider. Deliver superior quality and service to our customers. Achieve safety excellence in all that we do. Live our Relationship Principles with our employees, customers, and shareholders.
Be Ethical
Do the right thing for our customers, employees, and the greater community. Be open and honest with each other. Stand by our word and operate with the highest integrity.
Deliver Results
Achieve customer goals and bring value to our customers through every interaction. Use teamwork to deliver those services that are key to stakeholder success. Be accountable to each other.
Be Good Stewards
Provide a safe work environment and be a role model for safe behaviors in our industry. Respect the environment and support the quality of life in the local communities where we operate. Share our successes by giving back to those same communities.
1,500 US Employees
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